Always the CEO of his own destiny, DIVERZE. recently dropped the remixed/chopped version of his single “NUMB.” I listened to the first version and as always DIVERZE. lyrically exceeds at extracting you out of your world and pulling you into whatever topic his lyricism wants to pull you into (“Sober but life has me numb/In the club I’m tryna have some fun/Chick hit my phone/Can she come?/I’m too lit/I’ll hit her back when I’m done.”) That’s the fun part and so you can imagine, nah, don’t imagine, just know, the chopped version will have you thinking you blazed up some, (if you authorized to do so) California weed and you still on that cloud. That’s not the depth of the song, but the cleverness within both tracks as DIVERZE. (listen to the original for maximum impact) serves up some fast paced lyricism in ONE verse in the over two minute track in the original, and yes, it gets a little hazy like I said on this three minute chopped version – thus the effect of being”numb” is truly felt. And, DIVERZE.’s expected/unexpected dose of clarity at the end of the track …“You gotta figure out why you here/Then you gotta figure out what you here for…” is the icing on the cake that will shake yo’ ass out right out of the haze he will deliver you from. Shit, even I love this damn epiphany I just experienced and wrote about after listening to both versions. Well done DIVERZE.

“NUMB.” is available on most streaming platforms – again, make sure you listen to both versions. Y’all enjoy!

DIVERZE. · NUMB. (Remix) [feat. WizzleDaWzRd]