Back to Mvtha Cvla. I said about two posts ago, but less than 24 hours ago, I would circle back around to Mvtha Cvla’s video for “OWO” which is a track that was released last year, but the visuals for the track just dropped yesterday. I don’t have to say what I always say, but I’ll say it anyway – great music is timeless so I’m here for it whenever it’s time to cross my path. 

“OWO” (meaning money) features the guitar rift stylings and production of delta5ive and is a beautiful combination of Mvtha Cvla’s signature blend of hip hop and neo-soul. Yes, the Erykah Badu vibes are obvious, but there is something down south and gritty about Mvtha Cvla’s sound that doesn’t clamor and cater to the appetite for mass consumerism. I knew this when I first heard her track a few years back on the funk filled “Spaceship” – you can blame her southern roots also, however, she is who the fuck she is, God’s gift, a gift to our ears, and her sound and lyricism has a vibe you can’t run from…

“You can’t run away from you/Destiny has its way to be cruel/Your cup, is it empty or full/Just lead the way the light and the good…“. In the visuals for “OWO” Mvtha Cvla invites us into a personal transformation as she re-crowns her crown by separating from her dreadlocks which gives light and meaning to the purposeful lyrics of the track about running from our truth. But there is also another deeper underlying message – “Can’t run from the truth/Anything else will clash/Master Teacher giving a class/To master cash…” Remember “OWO” means money and thus, “What’s yours is yours.”  Y’all enjoy!! 


“OWO” is available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp.