Gospel hip hop artist, entrepreneur, mentor, and yep my cousin Gods Vessel recently released his latest EP “Moments: Recovery 33”. The  very personal and testimonial filled EP serves to help the masses “get back up” while giving listeners honest doses of dealing with one’s personal convictions which can be felt on the edgy intro track “Part of the Story” where Gods Vessel apologizes for his past transgressions (“I was selfish that night/I should have done better…”) specifically with women. In this “confessional”, which is a powerful lead into the five track EP, Gods Vessel breaks bread with not cherishing women enough and loving his ego and life’s distractions more – in the past. Placing value on what’s bigger than you ain’t a comfortable lesson. Gods Vessel loves his Queens, he loves the journey of his transformation – that’s what’s up right now – and you only have to take a small glimpse at his social media pages to see just how much he loves and honors his children and family. “Moments: Recovery 33” definitely appeals to the various facets of how we right our wrongs and the beauty of the end results.  

The “Moments: Recovery 33” EP is now available on all of your favorite streaming platforms. And, don’t forget your Show Me The Scriptures t-shirts too… Fly and faithful always!


📷: Antoine Minor and Katisco Photography