“Revolutionize the market/Now you can see my stock go up/With the homies that been down/As we let Ciroc pour up.”

You know what it is. A gunfight? A showdown? Nah, it’s The Thrilla in Manilla relocated to Lawton, OK 2020 or at least that’s how it feels when you take a listen or rather take the time to really “unbox” Jacobi Ryan’s track “Underdogs & Lonewolves”. I found myself rewinding the first 53 seconds of the track which includes lots of dope quotables and easily feels like the motivating, head noddin’ lyrical T.E.D. talk you didn’t know you needed. Produced by Scoot Beats, the track was released in Week 28 of Jacobi’s 2019 #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign. This part of his discography culminated into an undeniable collection of 52 tracks, videos, and podcasts that could serve as “coffee table” conversation starters for hip hop heads, the soundtrack to a deep thinker’s mood while sipping on a latte, motivational workout music, or the go to music when you just need something good or hood to ride to (see “Young Kings Came Up”). “Underdogs & Lonewolves” is the track that can serve all four purposes with its gritty guitar vibes and bass drum beats that prepares listeners for Jacobi’s inspirational yet, aggressively self-assured lyricism ( “Been a triple double threat/Word to Russell West/Patrick Beverlys with they knee out/When I stutter step”). Just know that his self-assuredness coupled with every single notch that he’s earned for taking risks is always meant to “double back” and motivate you, the fans and listeners, the “underdogs and lonewolves” to dream bigger and stay consistent “regardless”. (“Financial advisor who listened to ‘Pac growin’ up/I be uncomfortable as fuck/But I never stop showing up/Look, I be on my Sampson/With the top ponied up…”)

In the visuals for “Underdogs & Lonewolves”, we see Jacobi in close up shots in his signature simplistic form (black tee and/or hoodie, and iPods) rhyming against the backdrop of a wall space as he also exceeds at entertaining us with his various facial expressions and poses that range from smiling to a confident ass mean mug stance. And, if you have followed most or all of the #52in365 visuals, you’ll notice there is here is always less ego, bells and whistles and more value, candor, interesting scenery or cameos (give it up for the drummers) that appeals to fans in the #52in365 visuals.  Thus, Jacobi always knows how to set the bar high and just right for himself and allow his music to just breathe as listeners catch up to him with their own clarity.  And, trust me, the “#52in365 Experience” is more than worth it.

Y’all enjoy!