“Boss up 

Or it’s now or never

Get your grind together

So we can shine together…”

Words of wisdom from a father to his son – one veteran emcee/entrepreneur to an up and coming emcee following in his father’s footsteps yet trying to blaze his own trail (“Son of a rapper/And son of a gun/ Follow his footsteps/Shoot for the sun/But it isn’t easy/When you walk around/And they call your Lil Rymeezee”). That’s the beautiful jist of the track “Purpose” by SF emcee Rymeezee featuring his oldest son Eli which is a track on Rymeezee’s EP “All Seasons: The Formidable EP Volume 2” which was released late last month before his EP “All Seasons: The Mojave EP Volume 3” that dropped yesterday (on Rymeezee’s birthday). Yes, this man is that busy releasing music this year and I’m loving it – loving the experience of listening to tracks and then listening again like “this track is way doper than when I first listened to it”. I’ll admit when I first came across “Purpose” on the “Formidable” EP that I was mesmerized by the beautiful guitar vibes and the lyrical delivery by both Rymeezee and Eli however, the delivery of the concept of the song, a son walking in his father’s footsteps – which is not a new concept but “Purpose” is soulfully introspective and will appeal to listeners like a real life conversation between a father and son about finding your purpose. Eli speaks his truth about the challenges of finding his purpose in and outside of his dad’s established light (“I was down band/Upset/Whoa”) and Rymeezee gives him that same truthful but loving energy back (“Gotta feel comfy in your own skin/If you never do/Then you won’t win”) like a father should. I’ve listened to a few tracks with Rymeeze and Eli this year (Eli dropped his very first EP “M.I.S.C.H.I.E.F.S.” earlier this year also) and I am actually growing accustomed to their dope lyrical synergy which is always pleasing to listen to. I haven’t had a chance to review Rymeezee’s “Mojave” EP just yet and although both this part-time son and father duo are dope lyricists in their own right,  I’m looking forward to seeing with these two cooked up on Rymeezee’s latest project. Below is the video for “Purpose” – y’all enjoy! 

Rymeezee’s “All Seasons: The Formidable EP Volume 2” is now available on Bandcamp.