“This project is a psychedelic trip of pure villain music given to the listener by the dynamic duo…”

That promo quote ain’t lying either as Squeegie-0 drills into the theme of his latest Blaq Knight produced project “Blaq Dust” straight out the gate with the Joker’s interrogation from the move “The Dark Knight” which includes the infamous movie line – “See, I’m not a monster, I’m just ahead of the curve.” And yes, you’ll see Squeegie-O with a smile or two on his IG, however, he’s still a master of the dark and grimey when it comes to hip hop and fans love it. After setting the villainous tone of the project with “Da Ntro” Squeegie-O goes full throttle with the second track “True Lies” which kinda officially welcomes you to his house of “no culture vultures” with its sinister melodic organ sound and even more “ugly” audio clips from from the Joker. On “True Lies”,  in classic Squeegie-O fashion, he reminds us why he holds his position as the lyrical “grimey truth” compared to phony/gimmicky/fake rappers/artists (“Some cats look for attention/So they cover their clout/But their breath smelling like ass/They need to cover their mouth…”).  Blaq Dust also includes features from Jamil Honesty (“Wave Dust”), Teller Bank$ (“Cuban Linx”), Egon Doe and Ian Dubbz (“Scene 2” -which is definitely a dark and organic head nodder), the Queen Mvtha Cvla (“Blaq Skin”) as well a host of other emcees. Out of all the 16 tracks, I don’t think I could pick just one or two outstanding tracks as the whole project consists of tracks that are equally pleasing one right after the other, thus Squeegie-O delivered an overall dope listening experience (“real gems and raw thoughts”) with “Blaq Dust”.  “Blaq Dust” is now available on all of your favorite streaming platforms. Proceed with caution, if you’re ready for the “grimey truth” and enjoy!