“I’m back and better now
Took a minute to
Come around
I had to go deep
And underground
And come out of
The other side…”

Yes, I’m sharing a little synth pop on The Greener Side of Hip Hop today from London based artist Ele Nedra. I crossed paths with Ele Nedra on Instagram and the other day I dubbed her “the voice” on IG pages as she has most recently blessed my ears, the ears of her fans and followers with her different mixes of her well received and uptempo single “Live It Up Slow” which also includes a Spanish Version that was released in April of this year. The only thing she didn’t switch up while having fun rolling out the promos for “Live It Up Slow” was her love of flamingos and her angelic voice whether she uses it to enamor you with calmness, which can be heard on her latest single “That Girl Was Me” or to entice you to indulge in some free spirited fun, hence, “Live It Up Slow”. Produced by Nicky Simoens, “That Girl Was Me” is all about rediscovering one’s self and  starting a new chapter in life (“I’m allowing myself to be the girl that I deserve to be”). “That Girl Was Me” is now available on our favorite digital streaming platform. Listen and enjoy!