“There is nothing that you desire, that you can’t get….”

Zambian hip hop artist and owner of Slam Dunk Records, Duncan Soldana better known in the hip hop world as The Holster recently released his latest album entitled “Kupeleka Nyali Ya Moto” (passing the torch) last week. The 12 track project has several collaborative tracks with artists such as Natasha Chansa, Soko Matemai, Kim of Diamonds and a host of others who bring life to the entire project. The tracks are a culmination of vibrant energy, Zambian pride, as heard on the track “Where I Go (Hashtag Meet Zambia)”, relevant social issues, and individual purpose (“You’re the diamond they’ve been looking for. The one they can’t hold”) which can be heard on the message filled first single from the project entitled “Afropolitan”. The track features beautiful vocals by Nigerian born artist Maka. Recently, Holstar dropped the visuals for  “Afropolitan” via a lyric video which compliments and highlights the theme of the track with photos of many notable Africans such as Nelson Mandela and former President of Liberia Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Backed by a nice melodic afro beat on “Afropolitan”, The Holstar and Maka deliver on creating a powerful message which “passes the torch.” 

“Afropolitan” is now available on all streaming platforms. Enjoy! 

(Don’t forget to listen to the whole KNYM album…)