Yesterday, one of my favorite hip hop duos, I$O INDIES (Conchez Yout and Dillmatic), released their current project entitled “Dynamic Duo” produced entirely by Tony Sif. The project opens with the title track “Dynamic Duo” which highlights that back and forth chemistry between the two lyricists and is also an ode to some of our favorite duos such as Shaq and Kobe, Camp Lo, Black Star, and Craig and Smokie. The project continues with another great track entitled “Honor The Code” which opens with an honest audio clip by Yasiin Bey (“We feel like we have a responsibility to be mindful about what we say”) and is a conscious and soulful dossier on life and hip hop and life IN hip hop (“Rules to live by/You gotta just honor the code/When you get hot most people gon’ leave you out in the cold/Racin’ to the top/You hit a few bumps out in the road/So much RIPs/Damn that shit gettin’ outta control”) and the track also reveals that one half of this dynamic duo will be welcoming a new life into this world in the near future – yes, life is beautiful and we need to honor that code too. I could go through all seven tracks on this project but I kid you not, I’d feel like I am giving away spoilers on this one – once you get to track three “It Doesn’t Matter” (“All that other shit it doesn’t matter/Family and loyalty it really matter/Imma put my mind over matter/Too many people actin’ like shit don’t matter”) you realize that the tracks are beautifully woven together (i.e. the fourth track is entitled “Look At God”) to create several influential messages which really is a testament to this duo’s conscious elevation about life and all the shadiness in this world (“They gon’ love you when you up/They gon’ hate you when you down”). “Dynamic Duo” will have you thinking that we all actually have a responsibility to be a “dynamic duo” to our inner self and to others (“If you ain’t happy inside/Then what you really livin’ for?”) or at least that is what I felt after listening to the project from one of the best duos in the hip hop game underground or not. As usual, the production on this project by Tony Sif is solid with the classic, soulful and jazzy “new” golden age sound that fans always appreciatively expect from I$O INDIES. Like Talib Kweli said on one of the audio clips from “Honor The Code” – “…you got people that continue to make good music whether it’s put out independently or put out on a major whatever and that always exists. So, if you’re into hip hop, there is always good music to find. I ain’t never been the type of person to be like ‘Oh hip hop had a bad year this year or it was no good records.’ I can always find good records, I don’t know about you.”  So, thank you, I$O INDIES for continuing to serve us with dope vibes in lyrics and sound always. Y’all listen, like really listen and enjoy Conchez Yout and Dillmatic and let’s stay givin’ them their flowers.

“Dynamic Duo” is now available on all of your favorite streaming platforms.