Photo Credit: Nicholas Hunt

“Chillin in the back with the trap kids/Everybody wanna know how we make magic/Every time we come it’s the facts kid/O.G cyberpunk… I should get it tatted…”

Emcee. Lyricist. Singer. Songwriter. Producer. Engineer. Regardless if you knew him from his mix tape days as EQ (equaleyes) or stumbled across him like I did when he dropped “The Only Constant Is Change” or if you are currently enjoying his sad boy, alternative rock singles, or his one take covers with his killer vocals – one thing is for sure, Nicholas Hunt IS the MF Julliard School of Music rapper/lyricist/singer. I had to dig real deep (thank you to find some of Nicholas Hunt’s older tracks from his mix tapes just to absorb his depth of talent on tracks like “Brink of Classic” ft Benz Shelton where Nicholas displays his philosophical lyricism, and falsetto vocals, over a live instrumental version of “Spottieottiedopaliscious”, that sounds eclectically right now and timeless. And, I didn’t even know I loved or was “aware” of his genre bending tracks until like a few days ago (again, I’m a post-mix-tape Nicholas Hunt fan)… but wait a minute, I forgot the slow and melodic track “Vagabond” (which I absolutely love) featured on “The Only Constant Is Change”, where he mostly utilizes his singing voice as is the track “Echelon” which displays his lyrical rhyming skills. For some, reason, when I listened to some of his newer singles several months ago like “Camry” I really didn’t pay attention to the genre switch up (again) as much as I paid attention to his singing vocals that is sometimes well tailored to flip on you at any time with lyrics that are well suited for an emcee battle. Thus, it’s easy to get enamored with Nicholas Hunt’s versatility as an artist but, you are really high key just appreciating his great artistic abilities then you realize, remember, or forget he really is a gifted rapper/lyricist and singer – a threat on all levels.

Recently, digging into his alternative rock bag, Nicholas Hunt dropped the edgy and introspective (“…time and time again we fall victim to the cycle that we promised that we’d never go back to…” *sung in Nicholas’s slow falsetto) “trap kids” produced by Immortal Beats which delivers a little vague storytelling from possibly his younger phase in life with lyrics that makes you think, is he displaying a struggle in life or preaching? – “I don’t mean to overuse hyperbole/No, i don’t mean to overuse hyperbole “, and “Nothing takes me back to where I want to go.” I definitely think it’s a combination of both which makes the track so damn authentically human and dope. I also love the tense and soft moments that producer Immortal Beats includes on the production of the track which it makes it sounds so anthemic and compassionate.

“trap kids” is currently available on most streaming platforms. Alright “O.G. cyberpunks” – “go get it tatted” and y’all enjoy!