We all fall but there is something about watching life’s water falls. Falling fluidly because the Universe has sought out to make you aware.” – Mvtha Cvla

Come get your simulation. Yes, Queen Mvtha Cvla (pronounced Mother Color) recently dropped her latest single entitled “Water Calls”. The guitar and drum laden track displays Mvtha Cvla’’s lyrical skills with her easy going melodic southern vocals on the chorus. The track is about Mvtha Cvla creating her own lane despite the doubters and the struggle and sacrifice of being an independent artist/producer, a mother juggling multiple roles, dealing with her own shortcomings (“karma at the door, I got to go”), and a business owner all the while staying focused on the bigger purpose in her life. (“But I own my own company/Does it matter if it’s not worth a billion/Just the ink.”) I love the chorus on the track – “If you just give me a chance/I’ll make sure that you bob your head/That’s if you just give me a chance” which speaks to how grounded Mvtha Cvla is in her purpose and faith as well as her patience with the Universe. The track is definitely a soothing pick me up for those who work hard at their craft even when it feels like the world needs you to pick up the pace according to the status quo we you know that ain’t the move.

“Water Calls” is now available for limited streaming and purchase on bandcamp.