“How you choose to interact with the opposing forces within you will determine your life.”

San Francisco’s “young O.G.”, youth mentor, entrepreneur, frequent “contributor” of dope music to our pages and emcee,  Rymeeze recently dropped the latest volume in his current extended play series “The Nourishment EP (All Seasons Volume 4)”.  Pandemic or not, Rymeezee has stayed busy this year and he can put a stamp of approval on “mission completed” for the mixtape, documentary, and 4 EPs that he has now dropped this year alone not to mention his continued work with Upstar Records/Sunset Youth Services as well as being a family man. Always nothing short of a goal oriented person, we know he’s already prepping listeners for his 2021 music journey.  

According to Rymeezee, each volume in the “All Seasons” series represents a different animal however, “The Nourishment” EP appeals to listeners with a more critical thinking thematic approach using the Native American tale of the “Two Wolves” (“if you feed them right, they both win”). Thus, Rymeezee opens the EP with the track “Alpha” which sets the tone for the theme of the EP  (“…malnourished bellies growling, which wolf will you feed?”) and reframes the distortion of one’s complicated moves, motives, and expectations  (“…your appetite for fame throwin’ you off, and you know what the fuck is goin’ on…”). The EP also includes features from Bay Area rhymers J. Quest (bringing that Oahu flavor), Noah O., and his son Eli who has taken the “apple” and ran with it as an emcee that you’ll love to see grow. Listeners will notice and appreciate Eli’s elevation (and grown man tone) on the track “Fibonacci” where his wordplay and lyrics perfectly illuminate the challenges within the tale of two wolves   (“Man life be too short/And I be worried a lot/And I be askin’ myself/Am I worthy or not/Or do I feel so entitled/To be feelin’ wrong like a typo/Typically trippin’ off titles/I’m tippin’ off of my vitals/Not loving myself enough/I wonder why it’s so hard/I even dropped being tough/To show you my scars….”).  

Being a “young O.G.”, Rymeezee didn’t forget to bless our ears with some cuts and scratches from San Jose’s DJ Eternal on the track “Groundbreaking” which provides listeners with that feel good classic New York and Bay Area hip hop flavor and organic lyrics (“I make music for the true ones/And the very few that like my shit”). Rymeezee and DJ Eternal collaborated on Rymeezee’s mixtape the highly anticipated and musically appreciated “The Known Nobody Vol. 2: Industry Reject” which I definitely recommend that you give a listen. Rymeezee rounds out the EP with the melodic sounding and heartfelt “Crossroads” which is an ode to fallen loved ones and also an examination of life, forgiveness, and closure (“Ain’t nobody wich’ you when you dealing with the aftermath/ Of course, they only love you when you gone and that’s a fact…”). I love the compassion on this track as well as the realization that  I had while listening to “Crossroads” –  Rymeezee is not only “your favorite baby daddy husband” but also a rapper/singer too. I don’t know how I missed the vocal  transitions on some of his tracks previous projects too…  honestly,  I just sit back and enjoy sounds of the creative “nourishment”. Regardless of how bring it, stay coming through for us Rymeezee in all ways and I’m looking forward to what is on deck for next year. 

“The Nourishment EP (All Seasons Volume 4)” is now available on bandcamp for limited streaming and purchase on bandcamp. Share, support and enjoy!

Photo Credit: Rymeezee