“ELI way too polished…” – ELI CORTADO
He is the son of a “young O.G. – Rymeezee, but San Francisco’s ELI is definitely one of the youngest “freshmen” in charge of his creative universe in this hip hop game and too far ahead of his generation. You can blame it on his hip hop lineage, his upbringing or just admit he really is destined to be one of a kind. ELI’s latest album “Serial B” which is a follow-up to his last creative offering “Serial A” consists of thirteen tracks with crazy flows, wordplay, and an edgy hip hop experimental music trip backed by producers Christian Davis, sebastian., ¿ drew ?, and Rymeezee. I said what I said about the album on Instagram – just know you’ll love his progressive, beyond his age wisdom and rage. (“Swingin’ from the pendulum/I’m talkin’ to the spirits/Pack the venues/Pack the bars/And we muthafuckin’ clearer baby/No, you don’t hear us baby/This is the new generation/We came to fuck up all the speakers/If you “boomers” hatin'” – “Serial B”) So, on this post I will simply invite you to get inside the mind of a young rhymer who’s not trying to duplicate blueprints, aesthetically or sound wise, in order to crack through ceilings…

ELI don’t say much – on social media, but he said what he said about this album.

“Serial B” is now available on Spotify and Apple music. Go stream it (without any interruptions) and enjoy!