“This song came from me taking responsibility to heal from past situations.” –  Terry Mak

Listeners are still feeling the vibrations from Terry Mak’s 2020 #NewGod energy. And, recently, he dropped his first single and visual  of 2021 from his forthcoming project “Spider Tales” entitled “Hurts My Heart”. Yes, Terry Mak is on his #BigAnansi energy this year (“Please don’t start throwin’ dirt on my name/’Cause I got heart/And opinions won’t change it.”) Lyrically, “Hurts My Heart” definitely has all the feels of an introspective, personal narrative as does the visuals, but, like an anecdote to the quarantine blues that we crave, the bouncy, trap sound appeal screams can we get the pre COVID-19 summer parties jumpin’ already? It doesn’t help that Terry Mak opens the first verse on the track with a visual and energy we’re all too familiar with – “Feelin’ like Pac bouncin’ back from the five shots/Terry Makeveli turnin’ heads like a wristwatch/I do favors for the people/Not a gift, stop/Niggas ain’t grateful/Women distasteful…”  which equally teased my inner response as to why I kept replaying the track (and pumpin’ my fist)  in the first place. Kinda like when your mind is on “go” but you ain’t forget what they did to you or what you didn’t do for yourself last summer, but you “grow” over it. I’ve always appreciated Terry Mak’s ability to give listeners a pleasing musical vibe as well as an inner think piece voice (“I heard everything you said/But what you leavin’ out?”) and “Hurts My Heart” is no different. 

“Hurts My Heart” is now available on all of your favorite streaming platforms. Stream it and enjoy! And, if you want to stay aligned with his musical journey – text MAK to (833)-455-1778 for music, videos, merchandise discounts, and exclusives sent directly to your phone from Terry Mak.