“I gotta glow out my shine/I gotta put my name through the divine

These pockets can’t be dry/Ali can’t be asking me why..”

– Goddess Arami

Mother, Goddess, Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Emcee, Baker, Press On Nail Addict, Thrift Shop Fashionista and Mvtha’s Kitchen artist (“I know you ain’t in my refrigerator again”), Goddess Arami recently dropped the visuals for her lead single from her new EP “Elevated” entitled “Elevation”. Produced by Mvtha Cvla, the chord driven, light and mellow sounding “Elevation”, is Goddess Arami’s testament to the positive transformations that she has made in life – bettin’ on herself with a fierce purpose and determination sans allowing past struggles to label her and overcoming new obstacles and naysayers. (“I’m elevated/I’m cool/You can’t wear my crooked shoes/They molded from all my moves/And I see that you disapprove…”) Filmed primarily outdoors/the backwoods, near a lake, the visuals show Goddess Arami expressing her melanin magic in chunky red braids, a flowery crown, beautiful makeup, and a yellow toned one piece outfit in several scenes giving us nothing short of confident, spiritual vibes. And, you can also spot a few familiar faces from her musical allies in the video, Rashawan Stallworth and the Queen herself Mvtha Clvla. Goddess Arami and Mvtha Cvla collaborated on a dope standout track on “Elevated” that you should also check out entitled “Breathe”. There is something empowering about this artist/producer connection and I love it!

Goddess Arami’s EP is now available on all your favorite streaming platforms. Hint: If you “open” Mvtha Cvla’s refrigerator then you know you are in the right place. I’m sure the “reprimands” from Goddess Arami and Mvtha Cvla will be well worth it. Y’all enjoy!