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🎧 Brotherhood: “Trials” by KevnPhe | @kevnphe

“I always wanted more for them, and less for me/It was about other people and not what’s best for me/It still is/I gotta find a way to treat myself better/Hard times but I believe it’ll get better.”

The VA/CA duo known as KevnPhe are still blessing listeners with new music as they recently dropped their latest track for fans, the soulful and sentimental “Trials”. Although “Trials” is all about (the obvious) trials, tribulations, lessons and growth the track is also an introspective view (on wax) as to what makes this duo click that KevnPhe didn’t know listeners needed. On “Trials”, KevnPhe deliver a synergy that makes the anticipation for new music from them more pleasurable. For instance, listeners (a real one like me) will notice subltle things like how Kev sometimes steps confidently into his verses and then passes the baton to “Phe” and you know the next hook or verse by Phe will superbly balance out their creativity. Both are dope lyricists, but their brotherhood, not just the simple fact that KevnPhe are a duo, is something that doesn’t go unnoticed – kinda like their dope quotables. Y’all enjoy!

“I been runnin’ with fiends when it’s hostile/Supply enough dope on this beat to treat nostrils.”

#52in365: “Rewind” by Jacobi Ryan | @Nothin2Much

On Jacobi Ryan’s latest track from his #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign, “REWIND” he reminds listeners that while the music or whatever you’re building on stays bangin’, we still need to stay elevatin’ against all odds. With an edgy, bass heavy vibe, producer Devoll compliments Jacobi’s impactful flow and lyrics which highlights the pitfalls and wherewithal of resiliency.
(“Back against the wall
I got it lookin’ like a Banksey paintin’ “.) On the track, Jacobi also name drops a few noteables from his hometown of Lawton, OK including boxer Grady Brewer, (“The pressure heavy/Bad Boy Brewer how I fight them feelings”) and NFL Player Adrian McDonald. In the visuals for the track, we see the “big homie” who “did it before” showing us (Appreciation Records) what being on purpose can look like. Y’all enjoy!

“Expect Takeover” (Official Video) by @TaiyamoDenku & @Rambunxious (Prod. by Bo Faat)

“I been directed
To give two fucks about
Being respected
And never leave behind
The art form that
Y’all neglected.”

Taiyamo Denku and fellow emcee and frequent collaborator Rambunxious came through came through for fans and hip hop heads on their latest track, the soulful “Expect Take Over” which was produced by Bo Faat . As with their previous collaborations, the two emcees never let you forget their origins of being skilled emcees from the upper echelon of lyricism. Y’all enjoy!

“Candyman” [Official Video] by Trife Diesel | @TrifeDiesel

If you thought your Halloween nightmares were over, Trief Diesel is here to – make you “love” candy again. So, step up to the van if you dare. And you will, because them bars gone be calling you Almond Joy. Listen and enjoy!

About the track:On this track, Trife Diesel monikers himself as Candyman, with connecting metaphoric bars of candy, suppressing your hip-hop sweet tooth. The delivery is genius, and Gamshottah laced the beat.

🎧 “Too Much” by Baby Cate | @_BABYCATE

“Don’t push me, I might stay down…”

With a beautiful acoustic “vintage grunge” flavor, Baby Cate tackles the issues of anxiety, stress, and depression with her new track entitled “Too Much”. Fans and new listeners will find Baby Cate’s bodacious display of her guitar playing skills to be the well intended soothing part of the track (yeah she is definitely channeling some Santana) as well as the truth about mental health in her lyricism (“fuck doing great”). Enjoy the music and share with a friend who needs this.

#BrrrPopEmOff: “Not Like You” by @LightsLaSoul ft. @JoziahCouncil

“Then I seen you at the mall
With that fake ass Lonzo Ball
I don’t care if he got brothers
Imma brrrr pop ’em off.”

And also this: “Just like NeYo with the radio/I’m sick of writing ballads.”

And wait, also this: “And I think I need a nurse/This feel like a curse/Since you sent me sixteen messages/I put ’em in a verse.”

Yeah, you can see where this post is going or rather, where Lights La Soul has creatively taken us with his love/hate/we just mad/this shit aint’t over track entitled “Not Like You”. I’ve listened to this song over a dozen times this morning as the infectious melodic, bouncy, track hits lovers emotionally and lovers of dope music in a variety of ways. It’s a relatable song with fire production and a fire ass hook that you can ease on into your memory bank (because you either heard it or said it before) by Joziah Council that’ll make you question why the fuck you mad in a relationship in the first place. Joziah just out here tryna’ celebrate birthdays love. What I love about the track is the overall chemistry that Lights, Joziah, and producer Boneheadbob bring to the track – it’s like all the dots connect and just makes you want to hit that Bobby Shmurda dance while you in your feelings, “go somewhere and change your attitude” and apologize to him or her, if that’s where you’re at in your relationship right now. Lyrically the track not only touches one’s sensitive side, but is also a subtle call to action to not be hesitant (“I need you in the worse way”) about one’s true feelings when the walls in your relationship feel like they’re caving in. (Yep, Lights, we gone need that make up song too.)

“Not Like You” is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Y’all enjoy!

“Power to Gain” (Official Video) by @Nothin2Much (Prod. by @Nolo_Ellis)

Last week Jacobi Ryan released the track and visuals for Week 42 of his year long music campaign entitled “Power to Gain”. If you haven’t been following, Jacobi’s music campaign which started in January, consists of him dropping new releases each week and of course he’s also worked on other projects tjis year, including releasing two EPs and performing at various shows, as well as developing other business ventures. Produced by Nolo Ellis, “Power to Gain” is actually classic/fan favorite as it was released in 2017 and reviewed on our pages (see post here) right around the time the political climate changed in America with the election of a polarizing new Republican president. “Power to gain, power to lose”. Yep, the chorus to the track is a fitting description for politics and also the pursuit of power period. Thus, “Power to Gain” is definitely that song that’ll always be relevant. The track and visuals are also a nice addition and throwback to Jacobi’s #52in365 music campaign. Y’all enjoy!

👐🏾 Lyricism Is Still In Good Hands: “Kabrina” by @SqUeEgIe_O (Prod. by @PSouloist)

“Dark nights and cold mornings
As the story unfolds
The gun is exposed
He shootin for higher power
The faces drop in astonishment
They wanna know where
I learned my markmanship
Mother and Father started it
Mariners Harbor sponsored this…”
– Squeegie O, “Kabrina”

Staten Island’s Squeegie O released the second track off his forthcoming album “F.N.T.G. (From Niggaz To Godz)” entitled “Kabrina”. Produced by P Souloist the track grabs listeners with a chilling, yet melodic, boom bap instrumental and is laced with a lyrical “dossier’ on Squeegie O’s thoughts on today’s new music. “Well, me and Solo came to change that/These niggaz stole your money/So we here to bring ya’ change back, ya’ dig?” Squeegie O’s well executed intro on “Kabrina” serves as the shoulder and head shake just to daze and fool you – however, every time you listen to the track, you gone wind up catchin’ a brand new lyrical fade. Yep, Rakim, Wu Tang Clan, Andre 3000, Nas, and KRS-One, lyricism is still in good hands. Y’all enjoy!

🎤 “Momma I Hit A Lick” (Remix) by Chelly Banqz | @ChellyBanqz

Emerging Chicago artist and rhymer Chelly Banqz is new to the pages of The Greener Side of Hip Hop, and earlier this month she dropped the visuals for her remix of 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar’s “Momma I Hit A Lick”. Currently Chelly Banqz is working on her forthcoming album “Mood” and there is no doubt that what she has in store won’t be anything less than pure fire. Enjoy!

♚ You Still The Shit: “Bounce Back” (Video) by Jacobi Ryan | @Nothin2Much (Prod. by Blunted Beatz)

“Fly nigga that’s grounded
What a paradox
Generational of cycles
But this is where it stops…”

Jacobi Ryan is currently heading into Week 43 of his #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign but music is timeless so I’m just now writing about the release for Week 41, the resilient driven “Bounce Back” with all the love and no regrets in the world – yep, still rollin’ regardless.

Produced by Blunted Beatz, listeners will be immediately pleased with the infectious “bounce” in the melodic jazzy track and Jacobi Ryan’s fly aura in his flow. However, as usual Jacobi doesn’t show up with a hollow ass ego in tow, (value always) he shows up buildin’ and renovatin’ character like the true King that he is – “You only good as your bounce back/Some of them quit/I wouldn’t know nothin’ about that.” The magic in the track is definitely in the chorus and right at the point where Blunted Beatz and Jacobi, “hit that two step” simultaneously on that “Bounce Back” lyric and you realize Jacobi just let you know – you still the shit. Let this be your personal anthem on your Spotify playlist. Like I said, he’s buildin’ and renovatin’ character. And, you’re welcome.

“Bounce Back” is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

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