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Blogger Neglect

If there is a crime against a blogger neglecting their blog(s) then I am guilty! It so easy to get caught up in social media burnout, blogger burnout, paying more attention to your online friends vs. your offline friends burnout…. anyway you get the point. In my absence I have not neglected my other blog brownsugatou, and I have created a new blog for Ms. Lauryn Hill. You can see that blog here: A Miss-Educated Fan. Also my friend, poet, spoken word artist, and community activist and (hip hop lover) UniverSouLove is planning a tour so I’ve started a new blog specifically for his tour: The Man With The Golden Tongue Tour. Oh yeah, Fat Beats tweeted something about their website earlier, so in the name of hip hop make sure you check out their website at – lots of goodies here! In the meantime, pump your Friday up with some “B.O.B.” from OutKast – Word!


Make ’em, make ’em clap to this…

Yeah, clap to this! Jazz and spoken word taking you on a trip down hip hop memory lane. Grab your cap and gown and enter the gates of Hip Hop University.

“Born with body rock, nonstop energy
of an African, Nubian origin
Revolutionary rhetoric
through rhythm, rhyme, reason
rhythm, rhyme, reason.

We are storytellers of our Ancestral lineage
on the corners MCin.”

Christopher D. Sims, a.k.a. UniverSouLove Hip Hop University

More on Christopher D. Sims:

"I AM A POET" – UniverSouLove

“The page becomes my stage
to wage wars with syllables,
consonants, vowels.
I howl in the thick
of the night.

To conjure my poetical might.”

– UniverSouLove, Poet/Hip Hop Extrodiannaire

What can I say about this cat… he’s never short of amazing with his pen. He exudes nothing but truth when he speaks of “breathing life into microphones daily.” It’s an admirable habit to have especially when you’ve been making the pen and paper do the strut for ten plus years. Say his name with me folks, U-ni-ver-Sou-Love! Last year UniverSouLove along with D.J. Skittells put his signature poem, “I Am A Poet” to music and it spiraled out of control into a hip hop masterpiece. Word to poetry and word to hip hop! Let’s us know what you think. 🙂

For more information on UniverSouLove:

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