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#52in365: “Move” by Jacobi Ryan | @Nothin2Much (Prod. by @nolo_ellis)

“If you really wanna move – move.” And, you can look within yourself to do that, or receive this creative kick start from Jacobi Ryan’s Week 48 single from his #52in365 #FormerlyFresh campaign entitled “Move”. Produced by frequent collaborator Nolo Ellis, the feel good, vibey sounding track is all about that “setback” that is holding you back especially, when the only culprit is you.

“I had to quit playing hide n’ seek
With what’s inside of me”

In the visuals Jacobi has fun with the theme and message of the song as we see a plethora of scooters making “cameos” in the video as Jacobi cruises through the scenic Bricktown section of Oklahoma…

See, the process of finding yourself, shouldn’t always feel like you just passed a calculus course. Do the inner work, do you, but most off all have fun with it if you can. Love and listen.

#52in365: “Already Know” (Official Video) by Jacobi Ryan | @Nothin2much

“Homie said do your thing
I said “you already know”
Needed a beat and
Chief (Peace) said …”

Jacobi Ryan casually slid into Week 47 of the #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign with some burly, hard hitting, head noddin’ vibes with the Chief Peace produced track “Already Know”. On the track Jacobi’s flow and delivery exudes the self assuredness (no front door aesthetics here, albeit the usual headphones and his owner status – the Appreciation Records hoodie and sweatpants in the visuals) that fans have grown accustomed to as he just vibes with the synergy of Chief Peace’s high energy track. When Jacobi says “Needed a beat, and Chief said…” (insert the massive horn sounds and bass) at the end of the song, you feel that shit because, your audio senses have already been strong-armed by the infectious beat and the “purpose” in Jacobi’s cadence and flow. The visuals for the song are pretty much “nothin’ to ever prove” simplistic with dancer Poe Alaelua doing his thing as Jacobi and Chief Peace keep us hyped at this #52in365 “function”.

It’s hard to believe that the #52in365 #FormerlyFresh campaign is almost over as Jacobi has provided fans with an incredible year long listening experience, as well as a content filled artistic journey that consisted of a weekly song, video, creative artwork, and a podcast for all of the tracks that he released and will release by the end of the year.

“Fresh ain’t y’all
Y’all can’t put him in a box.”

I’m sure by now his dedicated fans, and some curious and quiet onlookers are waiting to see what’s in the works for “his” 2020. We already know it’ll be another epic, and inspiring “follow your purpose” journey…

“I dont’t give a fuck
What they say about us.”

Remember, #52in365 is for you. Tap into your greatness, don’t allow others to put you in a box, and move forward “regardless”.

“Making something
Out of nothing
Word to homies
On the come up
Representing where
They from”

Love and listen…

“Already Know’ is available on all digital streaming platforms.


📈 “Synopsis of Real Bosses” (Official Video) by Jacobi | @Nothin2Much

“This run is legendary.”
– Duncan Sodala

If not you, then who? You can be your own worse enemy or critic but also your biggest fan. However, it certainly doesn’t hurt to receive high praise from the likes of Zambian hip hop pioneer and Slam Dunk Records owner Duncan Sodala (“This run is legendary”.) for running a pivotal and successful year long music campaign that has. inspired others. While watching Jacobi Ryan’s latest visuals for his track “The Synposis of Real Bosses” earlier, I ironically had this sort of “visual epiphany” about how Jacobi has slowly woven together “glimmers” of where he’s going – from Jacobi wearing a simple black hoodie or t-shirt early on in his music campaign , his consistent usage of the 📈 emoji on social media, the introduction of the Appreciation Records sweatsuit with the stock market symbol logo, the “Apple Stock” comparison, the ode to “real bosses”, and having the ultimate homage bestowed upon him with a mural painted by graffiti artist Germ One – yep, Jacobi’s year is one for him to celebrate, as he truly is taking risks, going farther and at the same time, just getting started with delivering a massive discography of recordings and visuals in less than one year. His set up for long term success and longevity is definitely something that is worth applauding….”If ever the shows stop, get ready for encores.”

In my last post, about Jacobi’s video “Apple Stock” I “started” it off with the following quote by Steve Jobs – “You have to believe that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” And I’ll let that part marinate. Remember, the #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign is for you. Love and listen…

Motionless Emotions: “Lately” (Official Video) by Original Flow | @OriginalFlow

“I wanna be
Left alone
In my bed
At my home
Don’t hit me up
Don’t call my phone
Leave me alone
Leave me alone…”

Oklahoma artist, poet, and producer, Original Flow released the visuals to his song “Lately” a couple a weeks ago, however I just happen to see the visuals for it last week while scrolling through my You Tube feed or maybe it “called my name”. In the video for “Lately”, Original Flow digs deep into the depths of depression as his whole aura conveys that he just wants to be left alone as he contemplates what is going through his mind and what he is feeling as he deals with depression. The lyrics, visuals, and track all meld together to create a bittersweet, yet melancholy tone, (“Negative energy pulling me inwardly/How do I stop?/Started off smaller/But then it got bigger/And now it’s a lot.”) that instantly took me back to some familiar and uncomfortable days.

What I like most about the video is Original Flow and the directors from Image Line Studios don’t just “give” you a mental health awareness vibe, they creatively take you on a journey that allows you to sympathize with the pain of depression regardless if you are suffering from it or not. Original Flow also has those eyes that effectively tell a lot which does justice to the sad overtone throughout the video. Yes, my heart strings were certainly tugged at after watching the visuals for “Lately”, thus the overall production is a creative endeavor done right. Love and listen…

#HipHopSoul: “How Much” (Official Video) by DJ BRK ft. @MvthaCvla

“How much does it cost
To love beyond the pain
And the heart?
How much must I pay
Not to feel
This way?”

Mvtha Cvla (“Mother Color”) is not new to the pages of The Greener Side of Hip Hop, she was puttin’ us up on her next level creative game as Raspy Rapz a.k.a. Gina Jones a while back with tracks like the soulful and bouncy “Spaceship” and “Run Felecia: The Abuse Project”. The music and creativity that Mvtha Cvla brings to the tables haven’t ceased and recently she dropped the visuals for a song that she collaborated on with Poland rapper and producer, DJ BRK for the fan favorite, “How Much”. Never short on making you feel the ethereal wave that she is on (“Come get this Jones”), “How Much” gives listeners an appreciative ode to that Erykah Badu spirit except Mvtha Cvla has always been in a space that is all her own. With lyrics like, “Why I gotta give birth/To the pain up in my core?”, trust me, her creative intent and purpose isn’t here just to simply take up space on your Spotify playlist. “How Much” is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Love and listen…

#FingerDrumming: “Horns” by Yeti On The Pads | @YetiOnThePads

Yeti On The Pads is a London based finger drummer and producer who has been building a reputation within the finger drumming community over the last several years. Recently he dropped a short video where he showcases one of his “grime oriented” live MPC routines entitled “Horns” using a three horn sample. Yeti’s goal is to bring together the finger drumming community and encourage others to be present as well as cultivate their own skills and finger drumming techniques. When it comes to my blog space, I always say “dope music moves my pen”, I definitely have to change that to “dope music and MPC routines move my pen” now. Y’all love and listen…

🏁 “Apple Stock” (Official Video) by Jacobi Ryan | @Nothin2Much

“You have to believe that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”
– Steve Jobs

The week is still just getting started, but Jacobi Ryan already dropped two fresh new singles from his #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign — the laid back and soulful “Synopsis of Real Bosses” and also “Apple Stock”. The visuals for “Apple Stock” were released first and early on in the video for “Apple Stock”, Jacobi starts his day when the sunrises, so we gone go wherever #52in365 takes us first…

“Apple Stock”, produced by Dylan Graham, serves as an interesting song title and perspective for how Jacobi thinks about his relentless work ethic, motivation and success. But, if you’ve been listening to Jacobi’s strong awareness of his purpose and the influences that are always inherently present in his discography (i e. his parents, Tulsa’s historic Black Wall Street, the creative Oklahoma City culture in which he is a curator of and a leader amongst leaders, as well as his ultimate reliance on himself and his creator) then nah, one wouldn’t be surprised at his “1980 Apple Stock”, “Steve Jobs in a hoodie” comparisons. Apple launched the initial Public Offering of its stock in 1980 at $22 per share – “take the status quo and shake it up/it ain’t never goin’ back to the way it was” – and as of this writing Apple stocks are sittin’ at $266.54 per share. Historically Apple stocks have seen some single digit trading days (pre-iPhone) but has historically remained present and innovative despite some slow growth and adversity in their early days in order to become the tech giant that it is now. Thus, the desire to be a resilient risk taker (“If we aint’t got a way/We gone build a way”) goes a long way. Since January of this year, Jacobi has released 46 singles and videos, dropped two EPs via his music campaign, contributed to several stellar music projects, launched a business, launched a podcast, launched a clothing line and launched a platform for other artists. That’s definitely not all he’s accomplished this year, all he has sacrificed, all that he has risked, and not the only time he’s been the rose that jumped out of the concrete. The setbacks that pre-date, recycle, and motivate his ongoing resiliency is the fight in him that does and will influence others. Remember, the #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign is not about him but for you. This is for you. Love and listen…

Who Gone Stop You?: “What Up Tho” by Jacobi Ryan | @Nothin2Much

Jacobi Ryan dropped the ultimate anti- haterism anthem yesterday with the Week 44 release from his #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign entitled “What Up Tho”. Produced by Gorilla Godzilla, “What Up Tho” is a melodic, bouncy track with this laid back “familiar” chime that eventually connects the dots to Jacobi’s machismo “esque” take to “mirror, mirror on the wall” in the lyrics…

“They say I went too far
Soon as the Range rolled up
We just bein’ us
And got the game goin’ nuts
And they be hatin’ on us
I keep a Jordan on my foot
Love readin’ books
Smilin’ everytime
A nigga look
In the mirror
Like “What up tho?”
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Like “What up tho?”
Fuck if y’all feel me.”
I like to keep my lady hooked
Keep these haters shook
Smilin’ every time
A nigga look in the mirror
Like “What up tho?”

Jacobi took the idea of “vanity” and redefined it with a resounding “eff these haters, I got me and my success” vibe. As you watch the visuals for “What Up Tho” which was filmed with Jacobi standing in a mirror, rhyming, praising himself, and denouncing those that don’t clap for another’s success, you can’t help but to start your day like, “Who gone stop me?” This is for you. Y’all enjoy!

“What Up Tho” is available on all digital streaming platforms.

“Baby” (Freestyle) by Young Lyric | @Lyrikkal

Young Lyric dropped her third freestyle last Friday. This time she muses Lil Baby and Da Baby’s hit “Baby” and for sure she is on her “undeniable” shit and still evolving. Young Lyric already told us she was killin’ the game nine years ago. Y’all enjoy!

🎧 Common: “Fifth Story” (Let Love Have The First Listen)

“Sometimes I don’t want you to know what the ending is.” – Common

Filmed live at the You Tube Space in New York, an audience listens and reacts to Common’s track “Fifth Story” from his current album “Let Love”.

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