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💄”Red Lipstick” by @TaiyamoDenku ( ft. Snoop Dogg & Rambunxious )

Taiyamo Denku dropped his third single and visuals from his forthcoming album entitled “Red Lipstick” from his forthcoming album “The Book of Cypha Den” which will be released on 9/3. On this track, Taiyamo Denku took a break from slaying emcees and recruited Rambunxious and hip hop’s veteran and Mr. Always Right Now, Snoop Dogg to put his own touch on the grown and sexy track. Taiyamo also switched up his format for the visuals with some colorful animation reminding us that there are still fun and good times in hip hop that need to be curated. Y’all enjoy!

🎥: “Did It Before” (Official Video) by @Nothin2Much ft. @MrWillis405 & Josh “Yissur” Okpara

Shot in the Bricktown District of OKC, Jacobi Ryan dropped the visuals for his Week 33 track, “Did It Before” the other day. If you’ve been following his music, as well as the #52in365 campaign, you’ll probably agree “Did It Before” is probably one of the funniest (and low-key ode to the 90s) visuals from the #52in365 vault to date.

In the visuals, actor Mr. Willis, is persistent on selling Jacobi “recycled visions” causing Jacobi to put in major work to humbly and repeatedly fend him off. Jacobi is better than most with his lighthearted reaction, but in the end, an exasperated Jacobi escapes the regurgitated torture by ultimately running away – hence, capturing the essence of his response to the theme of the track “did it before”.

The element of persistence…

Mr. Willis tranforms into Mr. Relentless with his antics throughout the visuals and there is a point where he even hits this “Spice Adams esque” dance move, perhaps signifying that his “unoriginal ideas” are somehow still the shit. Trust, Mr. Willis hilariously makes you a believer too. However, it is dancer Josh “Yissur” Okpara that is the one who totally holds down the entire video with his absolutely not giving two fucks, simplistic style of dancing…

I’ve always loved Jacobi’s utilization of not just “that one dancer” but “the ONE dancer” in some of his videos (see “25/8”). The addition subtly brings back the essence of 90s rap videos like EPMD’s classic “So Watcha Sayin’ ” and Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power”. And for the culture Josh does not let us lose sight of the fact that folks like Rosie Perez, Big Lez, and Farnsworth Bentley often served as the perfect distraction that we didn’t know we needed in music videos. The track and visuals for “Did It Before” definitely resonates with one’s growth and accomplishments even when others selectively fail to see it – (yep, insert the Jacobi face palm right about here). And shout out to Image Line Studios for curating these dope visuals and bringing together some entertaining chemistry. Y’all enjoy!

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#52in365 Week 33: “Did It Before” by Jacobi Ryan | @Nothin2Much (Prod. by Wayne Valentine)

“I’m a Lonewolf
I live my own life
I shine my own light
I fight my own fights
And I own rights…”

A Lonewolf, with a humble ass chip on his shoulder, he wants everybody to eat, but “he don’t know nothin”. If you’ve been following Jacobi Ryan’s music, lyrics, and his podcast you’ll know exactly what he’s talkin’ about. This week Jacobi teamed up with producer Wayne Valentine for the “knock you off your equilibrium” bass heavy and synth infused “Did It Before”. It”s a wonderful thing when one can embrace their skills and abilities and roll with God’s grace. But, when other folks can’t see or don’t hear you twice the first time – it’s “crazy ’cause them be the one’s who ain’t did it before.” Y’all listen and enjoy!

“Did It Before” is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

“CIGGY” (Official Video) by @TheParanoias ft. @VelTheWonder

This damn video by The Paranoias and Vel The Wonder, with it’s too cool to be vulnerable vibe, had me all in my feelings. I remember seeing a You Tube notification the other day, indicating that Vel dropped a new visual, so I finally circled back around to it today, ready to pick up where Vel’s “Lisa Simpson” left off – and let’s just say, now I know who the eff The Paranoias are – “your lady’s favorite band”. And, Vel The Wonder – she’s a star. Experience your own surprise (don’t let me spoil it) and enjoy!

#HipHop: “184” by Kevnphe | @kevnphe (ft. King Milk)

Virginia Beach’s Kevnphe have been busy gifting the Universe with new music lately. And, with an assist from King Milk, Kevnphe recently dropped their latest single entitled “184”. With a sound that is haunting, yet sonorous, “184”, made me realize how Kevnphe have this “stoic” type of vibe in their flows and lyricism that means well that is very appealing. And, King Milk keeps up the same energy for this track that let’s folks know, teachers/coaches/hip hop artists don’t bend or fold. Y’all enjoy!

“184” is available on all digital streaming platforms.

Let The Art Speak: “Hercules Extended” – Common (ft. Swizz Beatz & Marcato)

Read. Watch. Listen.

“Hercules is the symbolism of strength. It’s the freedom within one’s self, freedom in your mind, freedom in your spirit to be able to overcome anything. It takes that fight within one’s self, and that peace to be able to win, to be able to be victorious, to triumph and overcome any and everything.”
– Common

Hold The Fake Love: “N.A.S.A.” – Chris Rivers (feat. Oswin Benjamin) | Official Video

I think everybody need a true friend playing an enemy like Oswin Benjamin to slap the shit out them, only to wake up the “G.I.T.U.” in them. Yep, picture that taking place in Chris Rivers’s new visuals for his second single “N.A.S.A.” from his upcoming project “G.I.T.U. (Greatest In The Universe)” which officially releases tomorrow. The track itself has this jazzy, trap vibe and at times features a more subltle flow from Chris Rivers with a firm message via the N.A.S.A. acronym, compliments of vocals from Oswin Benjamin, – “Give that boy some space/Ni$$as act so authentic but they ain’t/ They be… fake.” Yep, we exhaling today. Back up and enjoy!

“G.I.T.U.” is available for pre-order here but drops tomorrow.

#52in365 Week 32: “Top Again” (Official Video) by @Nothin2Much (Prod. by DG Beats)

“I ain’t got the time to waste
All I got is now
Gotta make a move quick
Now I know how y’all
Was tryna do things
I been tryna do it big”

Jacobi Ryan and producer DG Beats, connected for yet another collaboration for Week 32 of the #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign for the track “Top Again”. On “Top Again” DG Beats offers listeners a laid back, bouncy blend of EDM, synth, and a boom bap sound, while Jacobi reminds folks what’s it like to handle your shit, embracing lessons in order to get back up, and gaining clarity for conditional knowledge and thinking (“Fucked me up/When I discovered how the world work”) that comes with influence and growth, all while being – “the first”. In regards to the latter part – that role is not for everybody… “Can’t nobody tell me how to run mine/Take a hike/I be thinkin’ about the shit that I be doin’ wrong/Tryna make it right”). And, nope, you don’t have to understand why he likes to go big either – just know he took his “lil bit and decided to make it more”… Y’all be easy and enjoy the visuals.

“Top Again” is now available on all digital streaming platforms. And, stay connected with Jacobi Ryan on Facebook to see why he’ll be “Makin Em Mad” in August…

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“Roll The Dice (One-Eyed Kitty)” by @FlyTerryMak (production by @RealCorMill x @prodbycecil)

“I like ya’ heels to
Come walk to me
I no longer
Live cautiously
I’m the one that’s
Gon’ send the message
On my camera phone
When you leave the bar
You the one that’s gon’
Send the text like
Doors open no need to call…”

Terry Mak has been staying consistent with his music since his welcome return to music’s good graces a few months ago. Produced by Cor Mill and Cecil, on Friday Terry Mak infused his own late, hot summer vibe upon us with the release of his bouncy, trap sounding track entitled “Roll the Dice” (One-Eyed Kitty)”. On his Instagram post, Terry Mak talked how he’s he’s been sitting on this track for a minute now and how it now reminded him to stop and enjoy life as well as celebrate the things that he loves. Terry Mak also talked about losing track of having fun with music too. Terry Mak is still on his #NewGodEnergy however, the track is all about some consensual, adult fun, and a healthy affinity for women as he affirms in the lyrics “You ain’t no thottie, we just vibin’ baby.” I agree with such sentiments – run towards great energy and ditch the serious stuff sometimes. Enjoy these hot summer vibes!

#NewSauce: “The Flow, Flow” by Rusty Joints (ft. Puertored)

“Running through my mind constantly,
It gotta be
The Universal energy
That’s sent to me,
And let it realize and manifest
To audible from manuscript,
The damn has ripped
And now is gushing
City’s wet…”

“New Sauce: Algo Riddim” is the forthcoming album as well as the follow up to Queens, NY producer and beat maker, Rusty Joints’s “New Sauce” album from 2014. The first single from the album, “Flow, Flow” is a hip hop and salsa (“new sauce” as coined by Rusty Joints) inspired track and features rhymer, Puertored. I don’t think I’ve heard of Puertrored’s music before, but he just properly “introduced” himself today (and again when I did some homework and heard another dope collabo from him and Rusty Joints entitled “Bodega Down The Block”). When I saw the title of the track – “Flow, Flow” – I wasn’t confused by the “Haha Davisism” but, it kind of had me curious. With its organ sounding intro, (that’s the trick and the teaser) Rusty Joints and Puertrored waste no time arresting your auditory senses into their individual worlds of both sound and rhyme that culminates into this beautiful sounding, rhythmic alliance. What is appealing here, is that the track does not make you question whether cadence and lyricism dominated the track or, if the production dominated the track. Iron truly sharpened iron here. Take a listen and decide for yourself. I’m hoping to hear more from these two on “New Sauce: Algo Riddim”. Y’all enjoy!

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