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Disrupting Anti-Blackness: “Colored People Time/So Independent” (Short Film Video) by @tspalbum (ft. Mac Woods, @Nothin2Much, @Beetyman & @Deezy_m3rd)

“Space Man represents the subconscious and the opportunity of individuals who consider themselves Angels who are willing to help individuals – which is Day’Quann in the video – to help them understand exactly where they come from, the lineage, and the royalty of blackness of the individual’s who sacrificed who were hung, were raped, and pillaged for him to be in that “space” in regards to education. So, I think the Space Man in short exemplifies the recognition and the opportunity to reflect on exactly where people come from so that they know where they are going.”

DJ Dr. View – Commander of The Space Program Collective

The Space Program Collective dropped their second visuals on Friday, which is more like a short film, from their album “Curriculum of The Mind”, entitled “Colored People Time/So Independent”. This double track features artists/emcees Mac Woods, Jacobi Ryan, Beety, and Deezy. The almost eight minute visuals begin, with Day’Quann and “Space Man” who are featured in the first visuals from the album’s title track “Curriculum of The Mind”, traveling in a spaceship to an “unknown dimension”. But, we’ll get back to that in a moment. Let’s recap.

In the first visuals, for “Curriculum of The Mind”, we see Day’Quann dealing with the mental frustrations of being a black male college student in a predominantly white institution, and after a defeating experience with the school dean, he puts on his headphones vibes out to the music of the Space Program Collective to unwind, drifts off to sleep and hence we meet “Space Man” for the very first time in somewhat of a dream. Throughout the visuals Day’Quann, curiously chases “Space Man” around a college campus, and once the song and lyricism dies down at the end of the video, he finds himself being led to and then being carried off in a spaceship with “Space Man”.

“Shit, I’m so independent
They ain’t want me up in it
I’m enrollin’ up in it
I be goin’ against it
They ain’t want him to win
They was hopin’ he didn’t…”

Segue to The Space Program Collective’s latest visuals and we find that Day”Quann and “Space Man” have landed back on earth. Specifically, they’ve landed in Jones, OK in the time period 1831 in what appears to be the early stages of a soon to be thriving black community as the resident town folks can be seen working, but not for any one “master” but, doing for self. In the visuals, Day’Quann witnesses an outside church sermon in the new town he’s landed in and is then welcomed to the community and also informed, to his surprise, that his arrival has been expected and told “knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave” (Frederick Douglass). Hence, you have the combination of the two songs, the poetic “Colored People Time” by Poet Mac Woods (which can be heard first as part of the church sermon) and also “So Independent’ which features the superb rhyme skills and lyricism of Jacobi Ryan, Beety, and Deezy, which serves as Day’Quann’s curriculum of higher learning as it pertains to his blackness and self-awareness. There is really so much to absorb in this video (but I need y’all to experience it for yourself). It took me almost two days to take it all in, which included a brief online chat with TSP member Jacobi Ryan, which prompted me to revisit the The Space Program Collective’s website to get reacquainted with their purpose and mission, and finally completing this lengthy post – and I wouldn’t have written it any other way. When I first heard about the project I knew it was going to be heavy. And, the same can be said about the new visuals which makes you miss the times when the messages about our blackness in music could really make an impact and not get lost in the whirlwind of technology.

Yep, we can already see that The Space Program Collective is just getting started with building their “curriculum” with innovative dope visuals and socially conscious music. However, the real work will continue as The Space Program is being developed into a hybrid record label/non-profit whereas the non-profit side is where the curriculum will move forward with teaching via financial workshops, counseling, entrepreneurship, etc. And in case you are wondering, yes The Space Program Collective is definitely influenced by A Tribe Called Quest’s final video and concept “The Space Program” (“there ain’t no Space Program for niggas”). You can find more about that connection from the Commander of TSPC himself, Dr. View, in his informative video about their mission and goals in his Q & A video on the collective’s website. And, I have to say Dr. View did his thing production wise as he brilliantly combined the sounds of hip hop and negro spirituals on this track, which kept me thoroughly engaged. Okay, time for y’all to enjoy this ride because it means somethin’ and don’t forget to cop the album also and make it mean somethin’!


I Pray I’ll Always Be Me: “Vice Verses” EP by KEVNPHE | @kevnphe


“My big brother’s death
Is the reason why I
Give y’all an earful.
Deaf ears
That fell on deaf ears,
Nipsey Hussle right now,
Who is next year?
Hopefully nobody,
It’s suppose to be nobody
Too many black kids are dying
Who are suppose to be somebody.
And I pray that, I ain’t next (2x)
And I pray that I get blessed.”
– KevnPhe, “Always Be Me”

In honor of their project “Daily Dos” turning a year old today, and continuing with the late Nipsey Hussle’s “marathon”, (“Thats why I’m tryna get it now/Live it now/Start up my business now/Ironically I’m on the move/But every move is pivotal.”) Virginia’s KevnPhe recently dropped a four track EP today for the fans entitled “Vice Verses”. On all the tracks, KevnPhe deliver the back and forth chemistry that they are known for over some ill verses head noddin’ tracks. The four tracks also consists of two freestyles “A Million Freestyle” (DJ Premier) and “My Hood Freestyle” as well as the tracks “Checkin’” and the very sentimental “Always Be Me”, which deeply resonates with some of my own thoughts feelings about the artists that grace the pages of The Greener Side of Hip Hop. The song is definitely an ode to all the lost souls and also an ode for all that are still here striving for longevity.  Y’all enjoy!

👑 The Problem Is… She The G.O.A.T. – “Blame” (Official Music Video) by Haviah Mighty | @HaviahMighty (prod. by Mighty Prynce)

“This a simple concept
Let me talk my shit.
They think they the problem
But the problem is…
Not even one,
Not even one of you know
That I’m the G.O.A.T. bitch…”
– Haviah Mighty, “Blame”

After I listened to Haviah Mighty flip the above lyrics about about seven times (on repeat) I think my cell phone said, “Lemme just burn up now before you keep listening to this track”. Personally, I had that “oh she snapped moment” and in the visuals (which is a Haviah Mighty intervention) for her latest single, the high octane “Blame”, Haviah Mighty did indeed snap. On the track she is giving listeners at least two different flows, melodic vocals, dope visual effects and spit fire bars, which all stimulates more than just few pleasing eyebrow raising moments. Even the “female Six God” herself Lex Leosis makes a brief cameo in the visuals and it just reminds of the emcee power that Haviah Mighty brings to the table herself and the emcee power that she is also blessed to be aligned with (Lex, Keysha Freshh, pHoenix Pagliacci). “Blame” is the 4th video release from her forthcoming album that will drop in a few weeks entitled “13th Floor”. And, I can only imagine what else Haviah Mighty has in store for her fans with the upcoming album after watching these visuals. I might listen to these flames a few more times, in the meantime y’all enjoy!


#Freestyle: “The Ride” by Lights La Soul | @LightsLaSoul

Lights La Soul , dropped a smooth freestyle this week entitled “The Ride”. And, staying true to the title, he complimented the freestyle track with visuals that simply treats listeners to a ride in his car with “The Ride” as the soundscape. And no, this ain’t Uber, but this is your welcome to the Lights La Soul’s early summertime vibe. Don’t forget to stream or download his current project “DAGO” (Dreaming About Getting Out) too. Enjoy!


👑 Keepin’ It One Hundred and Staying Empowered: “Keep Going” (Official Video) by Lady Tee The Difference ft. Aja Kaye

“Instead of saying
You can’t do it,
Say you gotta
Make it through it…”
– Lady Tee The Difference, “Keep Going”

Inglewood’s Lady Tee The Difference recently dropped some new visuals for her current single “Keep Going” from her latest project entitled “Strictly For My Women” (SFMW). The track is a beautiful vibe, and as edgy as Lady Tee The Difference can be, listeners are reminded that her flows are akin to a melody that you want to keep on repeat. The song itself is an encouraging and anthemic voice for the ladies and in the visuals, Lady Tee shows the struggle before the come up and touches upon that sexist ceiling that is specific to women only. “Keep Going” is a great balance of faith and empowerment mixed with that one girlfriend that will always keep it one hundred with you. Y’all listen and enjoy!


♈ #52in365 “Long Time Coming” by Jacobi Ryan | @Nothin2Much (Prod. by Dylan Graham)

I rarely let the hook serve as the takeover in my post – but today is “special” – it’s Aries season, I’m a Sag. Still, it’s Aries season. And, this why Week 16 of #52in365 is jumpin’ off on a Wednesday, and we doin’ it again this Friday. Trust me, we in order.

“It’s been a long time cominnnnn
I got a million ways to get it
Been building one at a time,
I been building one at a time.
This here is one of a kind,
I been waiting on
The right way,
Right play,
Right thangs, to say

When talkin to myself,
I say get up outta the way,
I say get up outta the way
‘Be forgetting that’s how u play
It’s been a long time coming…”
– Jacobi Ryan,
“Long Time Coming”

A long ass, deeply satisfying, talk with yourself…

That is the love (yourself) as a verb and adjective feeling that is invoked on Jacobi Ryan’s latest “early” Week 16 release entitled “Long Time Coming”. The track is produced by Dylan Graham and consists of a great blend of genres named Jacobi Ryan, Jacobi Ryan, and Jacobi Ryan. Word to the producer though, as the track is a lil’ EDM, lo-fi, trap, with that heavy bass and bounce appeal – and its all a creatively positive wave. But, on “Long Time Coming” Jacobi employs the best of his confident agressive flows, message filled, achieving your dreams lyricism, and he sings the effin’ contagious hook á la his rap singing style. And, ironically, it’s the track’s spacey, psychedelic vibe that slowly segues right into that hook in the intro of the track that weirdly lets the listener know, “yeah, this about to be gratifying to the soul”. As you can tell this is a “special” Wednesday vibe – like I said it’s Aries season and we’ll do this again on Friday for #52in365. Y’all enjoy!

“Tears of Joy Coming Soon” (Official Video) by Jacobi Ryan | @Nothin2Much (Prod. by @YouKnowItsJustE)

Photo Credit: Sike Images

“I been throwing up prayers
Talking to the one
That’s sitting up stairs.
Asking for the strength,
I know it’s unfair
Struggle all u want,
The goal doesn’t care…”
– Jacobi Ryan,
“Tears of Joy Coming Soon”

Welcome to Week 15 of the #52in365 music campaign and movement – yep, we are still rollin’. Today, Jacobi Ryan dropped the visuals for the Just E produced track, “Tears Of Joy Coming Soon”. Shot in the Myriad Gardens in downtown OKC, the track and visuals are a reminder that “the marathon” don’t come without struggle or pain, but one must have the wherewithal and get right with the Creator to see it through. There is a part in the lyrics that I like where Jacobi says “Word on the street, when they take shots/Fresh don’t fight back/ Just know u don’t know what I pack…” and in the visuals he looks up to the sky to The Creator with a smile. Yes, that faith gotta be that strong to keep it moving.

If you haven’t caught up yet, or just got onboard, the campaign does not merely serve to entertain fans but Jacobi is also using the #52in365 platform that he created to inspire others and continues to use his personal experiences to drive home the message that dreams fulfilled don’t come without discomfort but they do come. And, despite the obstacles what do you do? You keep building. As a matter of fact, when I asked Jacobi today, what’s next for the #52in365 #FormerlyFresh campaign and movement – he said merchandise will be a part of the next phase of the campaign and will be available within the next couple of months. Trust me y’all, even with that answer, I know the genius and visionary that is Jacobi Ryan is still just getting started. (Spoiler alert – another single drops tomorrow and is also here. You are welcome.). Thanks for ridin’ and y’all enjoy!


Episode 15 “Tears of Joy Coming Soon” from Jacobi Ryan’s #TMIKTMID podcast is now live. This week’s episode discussed:

  • Pain: embracing vs escaping.
  • The dual meaning of the Chinese interpretation of a crisis.
  • The story behind “Tears of Joy Coming Soon”.

As always… If the podcast “has provided value”, feel free to share your feedback at IG/Twitter: @Nothin2Much.

“Love Yourself” (Official Video) by The Hashassins | @TheHashassins

“Let’s build each other up,
Watch the aftermath…

In February the duo known as The Hashassins William Wallace and Sincere dropped the visuals for their track “Love Yourself”, which was followed by the release of their 8 track EP “not sure” in March. Yeah, TGSofHH isl a little late on featuring The Hashassins’s fresh goods, but any always great music is timeless and feels like Christmas in July. That is pretty what I felt, when I watched tbe visuals for “Loving Yourself” all the while trying to find The Hashassins (who appear as only the lyrical messengers) in the heartfelt visuals. On “Love Yourself” Their lyricisim (along with the duo’s chemistry) and the music hits you like a soulful, bluesy, melodic, edgy, laid back, hip hop tug of war and you can’t decide which part to fall in love with first. Don’t forget though, while your lost in the creative luxury of The Hashassins, that the message in the song is to “Love Yourself”. So, show yourself a random act of kindness – watch and listen. Y’all enjoy!!

“not sure” is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

“Fluctuate” by Terry Mak| @FlyTerryMak (prod. Lexi Banks)

“When the problem fluctuates,
You get to see who real or fake…”

No stranger to the pages of The Greener Side of Hip Hop, New Jersey’s Terry Mak recently resurfaced and after almost a year hiatus, he’s back with that #NewGodEnergy. Yesterday, Terry Mak released his brand new track – the bounce and bass heavy “Fluctuate”. Produced by Lexi Banks, the song is about how life goes up and down, and one’s response to it – “What matters  is how you deal with the circumstances, pressure builds character.” (Terry Mak).  Yep, you gotta, let yourself live too – enjoy this vibe y’all! 

Fan Link

“No Interruptions” (Official Video) Rymeezee | @Rymeezee

“You can’t let your emotions get the best of you.” – Rymeezee

San Francisco’s own Rymeezee is back with new music and recently dropped the visuals for his latest single “No Interruptions”. On the track, Rymeezee delivers a message of inner peace and getting a piece via his lyrics and evokes the same emotions with beautiful scenery as the visuals were shot in Hawaii. The song and visuals are a total positive vibe and features a familiar sound bite from actor Will Smith about making other people happy – “you cannot make a person happy.” It’s so true, sometimes you have to laser focus on YOU, find the peace, and get a piece with “no interruptions” . Y’all enjoy!

“No Interruptions” is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

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