“PlugzxConnections” – Rymeezee | @Rymeezee

San Francisco’s own Rymeezee recently dropped his visuals for “PlugzxConnections” from his latest project “Bourne Bad II”. This track takes a stab at “characters” that you meet in the record industry. However, non-factors won’t stop Rymeezee from “building a dream”. He was born B.A.D…. Yeah, you had to catch up too. Enjoy!


“Pardon Me” [Video]” by @FlyTerryMak ft. @suavehasrisen

I’m late, but Terry Mak you gotta know that “Pardon Me” is one of a few tracks that replays in my head from time to time. So I’m happy to see the visuals for it too… Listeners y’all will too!! Enjoy

“Pardon Me” is a track from Terry Mak’s latest EP “I Mean Well” which is available here.

“The Truest” by Rogue Venom | @RogueVenom (prod. by @PhilChronics)

Rogue Venom is new to our pages, so consider the words I posted below, an initial “reaction” to the “Queen MC” Rogue Venom. In between penning this post I was researching Rogue Venom online – and I discovered she BEEN nice. Read on…

Thank you to whoever sent Rogue Venom’s track our way… The track, a new release off her upcoming project of the same same name “The Truest” takes your ears on an eloquent ride, with a cool ass vibe and the combination makes you wanna say “Ooooh, I want to know her name”! But you have to say it/sing it from the soul like Alicia Keys, that’s how infectious “The Truest” is. Curiosity, well in this case her lyricism, will send for you before you know you need more. Go get ’em Rogue Venom. Y’all enjoy!

“Loreley’s Song Pt III” by New Track City | @NewTrackCity253

New Track City takes you on a lyrical and melodic ride on their new visuals for “Loerely’s Song Pt III” from their latest project “Lose Sight of The Shore”. You really have to peep the usage of the scatting, stuttering style within their flows. I didn’t think about this before, but New Track City’s vibe is an excellent ode to DAS EFX – well crafted lyricism, chemistry, and flows. Definitely not a copy cat, but the torch is honorably being carried. Relax and enjoy!

“Motorsport Freestyle” – Marlon Craft | @MarlonCraftNY

Veteran emcee extraordinaire Black Thought ended 2017 by leaving all of our hip hop senses in flames. And New York’s Marlon Craft is kicking off 2018 by lettin’ them senses stay burnin’ with his “Motorcraft Freestyle”. Enjoy!

“Summertime” (Official Video) by El Bleu | @Marty_McRhymes

Here’s some future “Throwback Thursday” for ya’. Hailing from sunny California rapper El Blue teases us with a little retro feel appeal for the new visuals for his single “Summertime”. Backed with a slowed down jazzy track, El Bleu flips the script on this usually happy sunny season as he struggles to chases his desires for the greener side, however… “Summertime is so grey.” Y’all enjoy!


“I Mean Well” (EP) by Terry Mak | @FlyTerryMak

From New Jersey and now L.A., Fly Terry Mak is back again with his latest EP “I Mean Well”. With production by Mak and Tyler Braddock, the EP leads off with my favorite track so far “Pardon Me” which sets off the whole vibe of Terry Mak’s good intentions/unapologetic tone. Here’s more about the EP straight from Terry Mak’s PR Team…

“The ‘I Mean Well’ EP highlights hip hop artist Terry Mak’s balance between his own intentions and how the world may choose to see him. With feature’s from New Jersey’s rising artist Suave, New Orlean’s own Kendal Banks, and Maryland native Kooth, the project goes through a number of different emotions in the form of honest lyrics and hard hitting production. As he unapologetically presents himself to the industry as well as to the world, however the results may come, Terry Mak says ‘I Mean Well’.

Y’all enjoy!!


“Alarms” by Klokwize | @Klokwize (Official Video)

Yeah, you need some bounce in your Friday! And why not have rapper/singer Klokwize give it to you with his latest funk filled visual for his single “Alarms”. With production by Uncle Dave Foreman and a night in L.A. aesthetics this track will make you remember why we look forward to the weekends. Enjoy!

“Alarms” will be featured on Klokwize’s upcoming project “Permission to Land”.


“I Don’t Really Care (#IDRC)” – Strike | @StrikeOfficial 

Artist Strike released his visual for his track “I Don’t Really Care (#IDRC)” from his “Building On Sound 3” EP. Strike says it’s a lyric video, but let’s just say it’s a crazy, mad video complete with lyrics, graphics AND Strike. Y’all enjoy! 


“THEN WAS THEN”  (ft. Truth Enola) – Mr. Complex | @PlexPlexPlex

This is a dope visual by Mr. Complex for his “Then Was Then” track which has all the perfect feels of retro hip hop. Almost made me feel like Mr. Complex is the “King of Rock” with his ode to Run D.M.C. (and other good things hip hop) a là the fly leather gear and hat to match. Truth Enola compliments the track nicely with his vocals on the memorable chorus. They aren’t strangers to the hip hop scene but together, Mr. Complex and Truth Enola can put this visual in the bag of “good ass curated” hip hop. Enjoy! 

“Then Was Then” is featured on Mr. Complex’s latest project “Forever New” featuring some serious heavy hitters – Maya Azucena, Tiye Phoenix, Sadat X, Georgia Ann Muldrow, and more. This is not “for share” but “for sale”… Get it here


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