“Belushi” by @TaiyamoDenku ft. @rec_riddles (prod. by @dcypha)

Taiyamo Denku and Cypha Den recently released their loose single “Belushi” featuring Jersey/St. Louis native Rec Riddles, ahead of their forthcoming album “Book of CyphaDen”. On the track, Cypha Den unleashes a bass laden and a hauntingly organ vibe as the “old school bar smiths” trade bars, while maintaining the momentum of their lyrical energy. Yep, “this is what happens when two Titans collide.” Y’all enjoy!

#52in365 Week 22: “Snooze” by Jacobi Ryan | @Nothin2Much

“Alarm clock steady buzzin’…
Look, and I been pressin snooze
If you ain’t careful all this
Shit can mess with you.”

Jacobi Ryan kicked off Week 22 of his #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign by giving listeners a taste of smooth vibes with his Beats McFinnigan produced track entitled “Snooze”. The song has an infectious, melodic RnB vibe, coupled with Jacobi’s less aggressive rhyme flow, however, there is nothing to snooze about here as the track takes listeners to task about the irrelevant things that we give way too much energy too as well as things we accept as status quo. As with many of his songs, the value that is conveyed to his listeners is always derived from Jacobi’s personal experience. Thus, on “Snooze”, I like how Jacobi crafted the structure of the lyrics by beginning most of the first verses by describing what he “quit” doing, (“Quit puttin’ value on nominations/When I learned about Ronald Reagan”) and the second verses with what he “started” doing, (“I started believing/When I started seeing all these demons all in me/All in battle that could have been in the Colosseum.”) to emphasize the personal adjustments he’s made to change his mentality – weeding out or changing his perspective on the things that don’t allow for growth and elevation, hence “snooze”. Listeners will also enjoy the fact that the song sounds more pleasing each time you listen to it. The process that went into the song can be felt, as the lyrics, production, and the passionate demeanor in Jacobi’s rhyme flow undoubtedly fit like a Quincy and MJ or a J Dilla and every song he bodied production on combo. I for one can’t wait to hear the background story for “Snooze” on Jacobi’s upcoming podcast as the thought process within the lyrics for the track is a welcoming healthy dialogue piece with dope quotables, talking points, and teachable moments. Y’all listen and enjoy the vibes!

“Snooze” is available on all digital streaming platforms.


“Daytime Smooth” (Official Video) by Coole High | @CooleHigh

How can you not relate to the burning incense by the speaker vibe? I don’t think any words are needed here, except you know how we do sometime in order to vibe out to some invigorating music, especially a Coole High instrumental. This is Coole High’s current single “Daytime Smooth” from his “Vibrations 4 U & I” LP. So, get your incense ready for the laid back ambiance and enjoy!

Be sure to visit Coole High’s IG (@CooleHigh) to get the latest updates on his Las Vegas residency at the Cool Tea Lounge and his #LateNite Sessions which all goes down every Thursday night. Coole High has you covered!

“Advise” (Official Video) by @Internal_Rhyme (prod. by Treytice)

Internal Rhyme teamed up with Arizona producer Treytice for his current single “Advise” from his forthcoming album “Subconcious Rap” which drops on June 14th. Internal Rhyme also released the visuals for the track which were filmed in double time to highlight his rapid fire flow and witty lyricism. The song itself (backed by Treytice’s spin on a classic boom bap sound) focuses on some of the artist’s values including “modesty, peace, and the occasional flex” as Internal Rhyme gives listeners some of his greatest advice throughout the track.  The visuals were filmed in Amsterdam, and let’s just says if you were feeling “meh” prior to watching the visuals, Internal Rhyme’s enthusiasm and passion and some of the “special effects” will ensure you’re on the receiving end of some lyrical goodness – you’ll smile too. Y’all enjoy!

Oakland Culture: “I’m From The Town” (Video) by @TheMekanix ft. @FabbyDavisJr

Oakland’s Hip Hop dignitary, artist, author, entrepreneur, songwriter, community activist and philanthropist, Mistah F.A.B. has been going ham on Instagram all for the love of Oakland culture. As an ode to the Oakland hyphy dance culture and movement he’s been promoting the #gigchallenge complete with a track, a video (“Gigs Challenge”), a plethora of Bay Area natives both old and new who’ve stepped up to the challenge and a competition to boot. But, all the time the veteran rhymer has been holdin’ it down for his native city, and all the time his native city has his back… February eighth, twenty fourteen was declared “Stanley Cox a.k.a. Mistah F.A.B.” day. I did say his city has his back…

Mural of the late Plan Bee, founding member of Hobo Junction featured in the video “I’m From The Town”. Artist: The Dream (R.I.P.)

Recently Mistah F.A.B. collaborated with Oakland’s highly regarded production team The Mekanix for their track and visuals “I’m From The Town”. Now, if you’re a native of Oakland, you’ll not only be amazed by how The Mekanix and Mistah F.A.B. excellently curated Oakland culture visually and lyrically with nostalgia (Eastmont Mall, Felix Mitchell, Todd Smith, Falcon car culture, etc.) as well as musically with a track that slaps, you’ll also have to show your utmost gratitude for a job suberbly done. The song and visuals don’t simply tell you about Oakland – The Mekanix and Mistah F.A.B. take you on a well deserved, window seat journey inside their city that you didn’t even know you needed.

In the words of Sway Calloway, “I’m from Oakland” (I am) and y’all enjoy!

“Anymore” (Official Video) by Klokwize | @Klokwize (feat. Angela Luna)

Hartford’s Klokwize recently released the visuals for his jazzy single “Anymore” which features the beautiful vocals with his frequent collaborator Angela Luna. Delving into his artistic, serious side, Klokwize questions the distracted side (technology, news, and media) of our humanity and its isolating impact – “What the hell these kids dreaming of anymore?” Or maybe there is a beautiful side to the way we “aren’t” anymore? Yep, he has the creative analysis for these open ended questions, thus I’m lovin’ deep thinking Klokwize. The visuals are directed by Bryan Michael Holcomb and the track is from Klokwize’s current album “Dangerous Youth”. Y’all enjoy!


🎥 #52in365: “Rich Forever” (Video) by Jacobi Ryan | @Nothin2Much (prod. by @BlackAceBeatzz)

“Perfect mix of Chapo
and Picasso, they say that money is diablo, so we all broke⁣⁣⁣.”

A whole money mood. Yep, that is the best way to describe the visuals for Jacobi Ryan’s Week 21 drop, “Rich Forever”. It’s also another great visual production for the folks over at Image Line Studios as they excellently capture an aspect of the relationship of a man and the concept of money via some ATM “errors” and the circle of emotional stages that go along with that – yeah Jacobi is winning folks over with not only his lyricism, but some acting skills as well in this one. Watch, the visuals with no sound and you’ll still feel the impact of his whole mood…

But, despite the errors and the middle finger Jacobi eventually gives his financial service provider, the bass filled track produced by Black Ace Beatzz actually serves as that valuable financial wisdom piece disguised as dope hip hop that is required thinking. “A lot of people build their Heaven⁣⁣/Being fake as Hell.”⁣⁣

Y’all enjoy these verses and transactions!


Episode 21 of Jacobi Ryan’s #TMIKTMID podcast is now live! Topics include:

– Ownership & employment and why it’s important.
– The story behind the Week 21 track “Rich Forever”. As usual if this you find value in this podcast please feel free to provide feedback at IG/Twitter:


Let Your Light Shine: “Bling Bling” (Official Video) by Jacobi Ryan | @Nothin2Much (Prod. by @DrView1)

“Imma let my light shine
Every time I come
Around your city
Bling bling…”

Today, Jacobi dropped the visuals and the accompanying podcast for his Week 20 “do it regardless” track, “Bling, Bling”. If you haven’t heard the Dr. View produced track, the song takes the popular hook/phrase from Cash Money member B.G.’s hit record “Bling, Bling” and remixes it into some self-affirming “drip”.

In the visuals we see Jacobi traveling through the city pressin’ the gas on the Caddy as he rightfully basks in his own light as well as the “warmth” of his current and former environments in his native state… “Straight up outta Lawton/Out the middle of the map/Came to Oklahoma City/With my city on my back.” One thing you’ll notice in the visuals, is Jacobi’s obvious shine and the essence of him knowing he ain’t never “too much”. Y’all enjoy!


Epidode 20 of Jacobi’s #TMIKTMID podcast is live and this week’s topics include:

  • Abort Mission & His Role As A Male
  • Liability of Labels
  • The story behind “Bling Bling”

As always… If the podcast “has provided value”, feel free to share your feedback at:

IG/Twitter: @Nothin2Much.


“Built To Win” by I$O Indies|@ISOINDIES

“They can’t match my hustle
Boy I was built to win
I was blinded by the struggle
Lord forgive me for my sins…
I just want the love,
You could keep that salt
Imma break the bank
Keep the keys to the vault…”

“Built To Win” is the ultra dreamy track by hip hop duo I$O Indies. This must be the appetizer for listeners and fans as the duo also released their project “I.S.O. 2.0” about a month ago but they seem to have a history for being just that nice when releasing singles in between projects. Produced by C-Rxch “Built To Win” is thick with I$O Indies’s ultra laid back style and the soulful mellow track seems to double down on this characteristic that I love about Conchez and Dill rhyme style. Still, their respective verses go from “super saiyan” laid back with a rapper singer style to a “gone, gone I’m goin’ ghost” with a slightly aggressive style – so don’t let them fool you. Although, their usual organic 90s appeal is missing from this track the dreamy vibe appeal is something you’ll want to keep on your playlist and chill or ride out to. Y’all enjoy!


“All Blessings, No Luck” (Official Oklahoma Hip Hop Culture Visuals) @IAmThomasWho Ft. @Nothin2Much and Wesley Warhol

After watching the visuals for Oklahoma artist Thomas Who?’s “All Blessings, No Luck” a few times I started thinking – surely this must be what it feels like when them Oklahoma “Avengers” assemble as I saw Oklahoma hip hop dignitaries Dr. View (also Texas), Dezz Got Steeze, and a few members from The Space Program in the house party themed visuals. With Thomas Who? rhyming with a turtle in his hand in one scene and then again in a bathroom scene sitting alongside a bathtub with his better half and fellow TSP member Beety Man, while he superbly delivers bar after bar, I also realized there’s not a damn thing corny goin’ on here.

When I got through feeling the force of the dope lyricism by Thomas Who?, the nerve of Wesley Warhol’s (from the alt rap group Baconomics) witty wordplay, and the fire from Jacobi Ryan delivering the hook – you might as well have tagged my ass Thanos because, it “felt like” the entire house party, red cups and all, and the undeniable booming beat that reverbrates through this whole Oklahoma Rap Universe I just experienced, kicked me into another rose that grew from the concrete dimension. And shit, I’m totally here for it.

“Pull up on u when it manifests/All blessings no luck”. Yeah, they been here – we just tryna catch up. Y’all enjoy!

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