🎤 #Freestyle: “FREEDDAWG” Remix” by Young Lyric | @Lyrikkal

The young princess from Texas and The Rap Game alumni, Young Lyric recently dropped her inaugural #FreestyleFriday track. The first track is a remix of NBA Young Boy’s “FREEDDAWG”. Young Lyric continues to evolve and her grind has not stopped yep – welcome to another level.

🎧 “Kids Have Fun” by @DevonBlairMusic

“And, I don’t chase clout
I chase flows
And dawg,
I don’t imitate flows…”
– Devon Blair

Oakland’s Devon Blair is new to the pages of the Greener Side of Hip Hop but I’ve been following him on Instagram and recently became more intrigued with his music after rapper Virago paid a little homage by singing Devon Blair’s track “Back In My Bag” in her IG story which he recently dropped this year and is featured on his “Focused For Real” EP. Virago was so lit with it I couldn’t help but to stop scrolling and jump on the energy…

Devon’s latest single is “Kids Have Fun” which is an energetic track (“We gone fuck it up/We gone do our thang”) with a dope, hyphy/wavy type vibe. Despite the intent on having a “lit function” Devon still manages to infuse parts of his laser focused, goal oriented demeanor in his lyrics which makes the track the perfect work hard/party hard anthem. “Kids Have Fun” is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Y’all enjoy!

Present and Never Left: “Memory Loss” by @TrackSevenBand

“Forgetting about Track Seven Band is like forgetting about love. How y’all gonna forget about love? You can never forget about love. Love is all we need in this world. So, if y’all forgot about us, let me reintroduce you to the band…” – Cost

After a long hiatus which included spoofing fans with a rumored band conflict, audaciously introducing a new “pseudo front man”, Cost The Luchador, and months of using lightweight, passive aggresive tactics to tease their fanbase with new music under the presumption of fans “forgetting” about them, New York’s Track Seven Band finally dropped their highly anticipated track “Memory Loss”. And, I admit I fell for their ingenious yet humorous, reverse psychology promo tacticts too – it was all love and true fan engagement.

📷: Track Seven Band

However, after hearing the “real” front man for Track Seven Band, Cost’s background story on the track and actually listening to”Memory Loss” , I remembered why I fell hard for this hip hop rock band in the first place.

In an Instagram post, Cost provided a deeper meaning behind “Memory Loss” which is contrary to what Track Seven Band had fans “believing” in their promo for the song…

With it’s controversial cover artwork – a pill bottle – Cost stated that what’s in the pill bottle represents all his pain, his music and his life – thus, whatever comes out of that pill bottle alleviates the pain, and keeps his mind off the negativity. Thus, their music is a love high that didn’t originate without some struggle, but Track Seven is here to ensure that you’ll enjoy the beautiful outcome…

“Don’t let them steal your faith
And remember that you are great
This world just needs some more
Love, love, love, love…”

And, similar to the mesmerizing summoning aimed at fans by Cost (“Oh really? How y’all gone forget about Track Seven Band?) over the inviting bassline/piano vibe that can be heard on the intro to “Memory Loss”, this is definitely a natural high we should all be ready to get with. I mean, how can you not ride with the band that gave us their poignant 2016 album “The Try And The Fail” where they actually rode for their fans for over two years without delivering any microwave music from their album and put nothing but love, longevity, and creative substance in the Universe? Yep, Track Seven Band been the real “day ones” FOR their fans and I’m definitely here for yet another pleasing musical journey from them. So, let’s rock and get ready to enjoy the moments!

“Memory Loss” is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Follow Track Seven Band on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. And, of course Track Seven Band has merchandise on their official website. You’re welcome.

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#JustListen: “Hercules” by Common (Let Love Have The First Listen)

Filmed live at the You Tube Space in New York. Just listen…

Purchase, stream or download “Let Love” by Common .

“Spark” (Official Video) by @TaiyamoDenku featuring @Thereal_MikeyD & @casablanca92fs

“The Book of Cyphaden” is the latest creative offering from Milwaukee’s Taiyamo Denku. Recently he dropped the first visuals from the album entitled “The Spark” which features Texas lyricist
Ca$ablanca and Mikey D from the legendary group The Main Source. Yep, you already know, the “King of Collaborations” (which he is) delivers as always. And, once again it’s another slaughterhouse of upper echelon lyricism from Taiyamo, Ca$ablanca, and Mikey D. Produced by Dcypha, Taiyamo states that he hopes to create a spark for hip hop with this latest collaboration of wordsmiths. “It’s not a war that we tryna start/It’s real hip hop/We provide the spark.” Y’all enjoy!

“Draft Day”: The Untold Story of Gatson” by Gatson | @IAmGatson

“How you gone stop me/If He the one that want me to win?” – Gatson

“Draft Day”: The Untold Story of Gatson” is the latest release and second EP from Champaign, IL hip hop artist Gatson. Gatson is new to the The Greener Side of Hip Hop Pages, so shoutout to Parrish for hitting me up on IG and putting Gatson on our radar.

Last year, Gatson released his debut EP “Blessed to Become A Blessing” In his Spotify bio Gatson states that he used to write poetry – and for me (my poetry hiatus is still on lock) while not evident at first, I could feel why his lyricism resonated with me on a very highly, introspective level (“souletry”). We all know that most rap lyricism is poetry set to music, and Gatson delivers on the substance, the bittersweet emotions, (“I made love the new drug” – “Live On”) and the deep unveiling as to who Gatson is – on the first EP. I’m listening to “Blessed to Become A Blessing” as I write this blog post and my recommendation to new listeners – listen to BOTH EPs. “Draft Day” certainly embodies the experiences that made him, but also lays a clear foundation, (as can be heard on the track “Til Next Season”) regarding Gatson’s determination to be the inspiration and the light for others – “I grew up listening to ”Pac/His music was the closest that I had for a Pops”. As well as to succeed and be heard on his music journey – “Imma make it so they can’t ignore me”. Not everyone’s success is actually memorable. Thankfully Gatson claimed it, captured listeners and put the substance and respect in and on his name and music. Yep, it’s “Draft Day” and he just gettin’ started. Y’all enjoy!


♛ Icon Szns: “9” by Lil’ Kim | @LilKim

“Why these bitches think they safe because I’m not out/You know any given time Kimmie could pop out… ”
– Lil’ Kim, “Auto Blanco”

At any given time, at any given time… Lil’ Kim can reclaim her time and make us focus on all that she has to give as an artist lighters up or not. And, now we got her long awaited new album entitled “9”. With it’s razor sharp production, classic Lil’ Kim raunchiness and personable tracks such as the “for the hood”, devotional street anthem “Pray for Me”, the new album features collaborations with Musiq Soulchild, The City Girls, Rick Ross and more. Bizzy Bone already made reference to the space that is occupied in the upper echelons of music. Queen Bee is already at that table – “Started out hardcore/Done it like never before”. And now, we’re totally here for her “Icon Szns”…. Enjoy!


#52in365: “Up Front” (Official Video) by Jacobi Ryan @Nothin2Much (Prod. by @Nolo_Ellis)

“I really wanna be
Involved with you
But not while I’m
Fighting these whispers.”

So, you’re “unpacking” to go where now? Yep, that question makes perfect sense if you read it with some untamed sensibilities….

For Week 40 of the #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign Jacobi Ryan released his edgy and highly introspective track “Up Front” which is somewhat of an emotionally filled “this is who I am” conversation between Jacobi and a real special love interest. The track is produced by frequent collaborator on the #52in365 journey, Nolo Ellis. Nolo gives fans a cool electro, pop vibe on the track, which is built on the foundation of a snare drum rhythm, while Jacobi delivers a heavy dose of truth and transparency with his lyricism that’s akin to your Aunt’s good ass gumbo in a weak ass paper bowl – (use your untamed sensibilities here) – it’s a perfectly “flawed” experience that’s dope and should make anyone curious about about their own sensibilities…

“I wanna let you know
The devil walk with me
This muthafucka won’t get off of me
I just wanna let you know
Before you get involved with me.”

Sometimes, the only thing we can do is unpack our shit and be honest about where we goin’ in life. Afterall, it might be the hand we’re dealt in life… “I ain’t never asked for it/I’m just who it’s given to.”

Y’all enjoy the visuals that Jacobi recently dropped for the track… And, of course you’ll revisit this track again, because life is life. “Up Front” is available on all digital streaming platforms for your listening and learning pleasure.



“Now Or Never” (Official Video) by I$O Indies | @ISOIndies (Prod. by @StatikSelekt)

One of my favorite hip hop duos were not only birthed during hip hop’s golden era but, were also birthed “into” hip hop’s golden era. They’re also having a great year because them past years been great to them. And, a track produced by the one and only Statik Selektah gotta mean you doin’ something creatively right in this Universe. Right? This is I$O Indies’s latest track and visuals for “Now or Never” which was produced by Statik Selektah of course and is the first single from their forthcoming project “I.S.O. 3.0”. Y’all enjoy!

Tales From The Bottom of The Totem Pole: “Only Hope” (Official Video) by Jacobi Ryan| @Nothin2Much

“Tales from the bottom
Of the totem pole
They know me well at
The bottom of the totem pole
Was tryna sale at
The bottom of the totem pole
Barely money for bills
At the bottom of the totem pole.”

It’s week 39 of the #52in365 #FormerlyFresh campaign and Lawton, OK artist Jacobi Ryan dropped the visuals for this week’s track “Only Hope”. The jazz and hip hop inspired track was produced by Dreamlife Beats and Jacobi blessed it with some well written, introspective lyricism about the many facets of hope. It’s an enduring desire that can keep one motivated when lint is the only thing lining your pocket or it can be the precipice to all your perceived fears coming true. Listeners will appreciate how Jacobi creatively constructs the lyrics throughout the song in three of the verses using a totem pole type hierarchy but, on some we started from the bottom and eventually “propelled” type vibe… “Straight out the L/From the bottom of this totem pole/Dreams got derailed at the bottom of the totem pole.” Yep, there’s layers to this shit – and Jacobi got you. Y’all enjoy!

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