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#52in365: A Campaign and An Experience


The year was 2019 and Jacobi Ryan completed a marathon run with his #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign. You can read the archived info below which was written during the early stages of the campaign, enjoy the my upcoming blog posts about the videos from the 2019 campaign that didn’t make the pages of The Greener Side of Hip Hop last year, AND enjoy the 2020 #52in365 Experience on Jacobi’s website. “Nah”, he ain’t done. He’s still setting the bar high and will drop new music this year. So, stay connected, and sign up for the 2020 experience, new music,  new podcast episodes and exclusives at: Experience #52in365

Y’all enjoy!


Twenty Nineteen… 

“The More I Know, The More I Don’t” podcast is an extension of Oklahoma native, hip hop artist, entrepreneur, podcaster, and visionary Jacobi Ryan’s 2019 “#52in365 #Formerly Fresh” music campaign. Fans, as well as Jacobi’s exclusive fan base demanded more music and this year Jacobi delivered in an exciting way! And, if you have been tuned in, you know The Greener Side of Hip Hop has been covering the campaign since its inception back in January. Per Jacobi, the music campaign has certainly developed “into a movement” and the feedback has been nothing but positive as his primary focus is not on himself but he wants to use the platform to inspire others to own and create. There is no doubt that the late Nipsey The Great as well as podcaster Gary Vee are some of his biggest entrepreneurial influences when it comes to #52in365.

So listen, this has become “the weekly drill” for the campaign – Jacobi releases tracks every Friday and the following week, he gives you the creative breakdown and insight about the track via his “The More I Know, The More I Don’t” podcast as well as other dope content which now includes weekly videos, two completed EPs (“Regardless” and “Viewer’s Discretion”), and information about current projects that he is also involved in such as The Space Program Collective’s “Curriculum of The Mind” album. As an artist and visionary, Jacobi has a lot more than just music for the fans and new listeners, so you definitely want to follow his light!

Remember: Every Friday – a new track, followed by weekly dope content, and projects all 2019.

To stay up to date on the entire #52in365 music campaign and movement starting with Week 1, be sure to follow Jacobi Ryan’s websites below:


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*Page last updated on 4/20/19

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