“And baby if this is my very last time breathing I hope I gave y’all something to believe in…” (Psalm One)

Artist Psalm One tweeted a link and snippet to this video out earlier on her Twitter timeline and I’ve probably listened to this track about ten or more times since then. I’m not even familiar with all of the artists that appear on the track (except Psalm One) however, all I heard was some well executed bars and the Donny Hathaway nostalgia (“This Christmas”) and my Thursday was instantly elevated. The title of the track is entitled “Locals Only” and is an ode to Chicago (the city, the people, and the culture) and consists of rhymers Rich Jones, Matt Muse, Psalm One, Defcee, Jovan Landry, and Skech185 and was produced by Montana Macks. The track is included on the album “How Do You Sleep At Night?” by Rich Jones and Montana Macks and can be streamed and purchased on bandcamp. This is definitely a feel good track and is reminiscent of why we fell in love with hip hop culture in the first place. The visuals are below, however this track is musically satisfying as the soundtrack to whatever you are doing throughout the day. Y’all enjoy!