“Arms in the air like you reachin’ for the dream you been dreamin’

Fingers clenched to a fist, put it high so they can see it

This injustice fannin’ flames like the wings on a phoenix

When we say we got the city litty bit’

We really mean it, burn it down 

And put your fist up….”  

This post is overdue but unfortunately, injustice and the struggle to eradicate it ain’t never stood still against the hands of time. So what do artists do? Create something for the people and make it resonate for years to come – timeless…

Produced by Nay The Producer a while back “Human” is an artistic and anthemic song that highlights the fight, the struggle and injustices of POC across the globe which features rhymers Rymeezee, Profedik, Lysn and vocals by Vonnie. In honor of the last Junteenth holiday, (which is now minted as a Federal holiday) the artists dropped the official visuals for “Human” last month. The track itself has a melodic steadfast vibe that is not overly edgy or hardcore but also gives one a sense of knowing the fight (“we takin’ the streets back during the midst of a pandemic”) ain’t over as the meaning in the lyrics question what it means to be a human being if POC are still subject to inequality and injustice (“is this what it means to be a human being?”) 

Filmed in a city that is synonymous with activism and the hometown to the artists – San Francisco – the visuals are composed of clips of some of the more recent events that have garnered media attention and features rhymers Rymeezee, Profedick, and Lysn as the “messengers” for the people with their raw lyricism and the ones you want to call on to disturb the peace in order to achieve real peace and get God’s house back in order.

“Human” is now available on your favorite digital streaming platform. “Human” is also the first single of Nay The Producer’s project entitled “Cali Love” which drops on 7/23. Y’all enjoy!