“Number seven like J. Lin

Underdog so I play big…”

Bay Area artists Son of Paper and ELI dropped the visuals for their collaborative effort entitled “Linsanity” earlier this evening. And yes, the track is exactly what you think it is (“Lin… Lin, Lin, Lin, Lin/Fuck everything else”) as the two rhymers deliver verses over a hip hop influenced, oriental sounding beat while musing over and channeling the energy of basketball star (as both the hero and underdog) Jeremy Lin. (“Shooting’ my shot and it swish/Stay in the moment Linsanity/Haters be talking that shit/I made a name for my family.”). The visuals include footage of Jeremy Lin during his NBA days with the New York Knicks (he now plays for the CBA) and includes Son of Paper and ELI rhyming from the neighborhood basketball courts of San Francisco. Listeners will appreciate the good chemistry that these two young artists display on “Linsanity”, with Son of Paper driving his well polished bars down the lane, and ELI waiting to finish the play by setting the court on fire… “He made a name for his family/I got some pain come and handle me/No, you not obligated/You ain’t family/I cannot tolerate it/If they fell asleep”. “Linsanity” is now available on all of your favorite digital streaming platforms and you can watch the video below. Y’all enjoy!