“I’m on my first, second chance

Been a man and been a brand

Just a kid in sneakers

Kickin’s speakers 

Because I never ran..”

Although he’s been reminding fans of his music journey, showcasing his freestyle capabilities, and supporting social causes per his IG posts, one of our favorite artists has made his post-pandemic return with some brand new music and visuals to boot. Hartford, Connecticut’s Klokwize recently dropped the James Bond-esque visuals for the “trap-influenced, super spy instrumental” “Live Twice”. I like this track because Klokwize paints a picture of his daring side as he describes juggling obstacles in life throughout his lyricism (“So, I’m cool with situations getting” sticky/Go ahead and roll the twice/Fuck it/you only live twice..”) but on more of a philosophical level, hence the Greek/Heraclitus reference. The 007 like visuals, complete with a casino style theme and a target on Klokwize’s back, represents the gambles one is willing to take in life and the “unwarranted”situations that follow. Someone is obviously plotting for Klok’s downfall as we see him expertly diffusing a bomb at the end of the video – it must be them “emotional terrorists” that Klokwize went to school with that he also references in the lyrics. (“And when they watchin’ you fall/Do they get clear again/Even drop a tear again/Stop and have a beer again?”)  However, we know life is ever changing (“No man ever steps in the same river twice/Or he’s never the same man.”) and like Klokwize you have to stay prepared, sharpen your wisdom, and act accordingly. 

“Live Twice” is now available on You Tube and all music streaming platforms. Y’all enjoy!