Artist Bio
“Godz Chyld comes from Bronx New York. He began writing raps at 12 years old influenced by Tupac Wu Tang Nas and alot of other 90s hip hop artists. The music had such a great impact on his life that he was driven to make his mark in the music by all means necessary. Through positivity and determination Godz Chyld will spread his message through his passion, hip hop.”

Video: “Forever”


Godz Chyld’s “Forever” EP is now available on bandcamp.

“The EP forever came about when Jordan River banks sent me some beats to get on when I heard the beats I went crazy and got to writing right away he’s a great producer, Forever is about doing something people will be able to remember you for, something that will have an impact in peoples lives for years to come & for me it’s my music…” – Godz Chyld

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