“Alarm clock steady buzzin’…
Look, and I been pressin snooze
If you ain’t careful all this
Shit can mess with you.”

Jacobi Ryan kicked off Week 22 of his #52in365 #FormerlyFresh music campaign by giving listeners a taste of smooth vibes with his Beats McFinnigan produced track entitled “Snooze”. The song has an infectious, melodic RnB vibe, coupled with Jacobi’s less aggressive rhyme flow, however, there is nothing to snooze about here as the track takes listeners to task about the irrelevant things that we give way too much energy too as well as things we accept as status quo. As with many of his songs, the value that is conveyed to his listeners is always derived from Jacobi’s personal experience. Thus, on “Snooze”, I like how Jacobi crafted the structure of the lyrics by beginning most of the first verses by describing what he “quit” doing, (“Quit puttin’ value on nominations/When I learned about Ronald Reagan”) and the second verses with what he “started” doing, (“I started believing/When I started seeing all these demons all in me/All in battle that could have been in the Colosseum.”) to emphasize the personal adjustments he’s made to change his mentality – weeding out or changing his perspective on the things that don’t allow for growth and elevation, hence “snooze”. Listeners will also enjoy the fact that the song sounds more pleasing each time you listen to it. The process that went into the song can be felt, as the lyrics, production, and the passionate demeanor in Jacobi’s rhyme flow undoubtedly fit like a Quincy and MJ or a J Dilla and every song he bodied production on combo. I for one can’t wait to hear the background story for “Snooze” on Jacobi’s upcoming podcast as the thought process within the lyrics for the track is a welcoming healthy dialogue piece with dope quotables, talking points, and teachable moments. Y’all listen and enjoy the vibes!

“Snooze” is available on all digital streaming platforms.