Yesterday, on the birthday of hip hop music and culture, Oklahoma hip hop and spoken word artist Original Flow posted a riveting spoken word piece on his Instagram page which is devoid of the celebratory candles and cake. Instead, Original Flow highlights the current state of anti-blackness, racism, and violence against our people and gives us a stark reminder of why hip hop is and has been one of the most significant and impactful  music genre of our times.  “People killing people over people over people. And that’s the casualty of life.”…

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Happy birthday Hip-Hop!

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Original Flow will be releasing his upcoming project “Blackmankidboy” which is now available for pre-order and will be released in September. If you have checked out some of his other tracks like “Feeling Good, Feeling Great” and the emotional/emotionless filled “Lately”where Original Flow takes a creatively deep dive into the topic of depression, then you know you’ll appreciate the artistic blessing that Original Flow is about to deliver on “Blackmankidboy”. Yep, I peeped some of the tracks already (thanks Apple Music preview)… cop it today and enjoy!