“Peace to the pioneers, the rest can get the middle finger.” – Harn SOLO

Yep, in your boots thou shall shake, because “The Cleave” will straight up flex on you with his superior rhyme skills AND he also doubles as The Fearless Leader of The Star Wars Lyrical Dojo – so pay attention young wordsmiths, pay attention – and enjoy!

About the video..,

“Harn SOLO hits the punching bag and takes to the streets of Denver with his official video, “Nobody Else”.

The short film was conceptualized by creative partner Scott Harney at Delgado’s Boxing Gym. It features accompanied hip-hop music by New Orleans producer Billy Topps. 

Harn SOLO is currently preparing to release his sixth full-length album, “Another Galaxy”. Fans of the music can visit HarnSOLO.com for updates on the new project.”