“White teacher told black student/Don’t make me call Trump/Get you sent back to Africa/Whatever’s clever punk/Go ‘head do it/May be the most important thing you doin’…” – Infinito 2017

Hashtag Black Music. That hashtag caught my eye when I was listening  to Infinito 2017’s new track “Filthy Swine Flesh” on his SoundCloud channel earlier. Essentially, if Infinito 2017 is not breaking down sub par emcees, highlighting his artistic prowess, making us think on a higher level, addressing social issues, etc., etc., he IS making music by him for us. This is not a dope, hookless, full of uninterrupted bars track for nothing. So, listen up, stay woke and eat this knowledge. 

“Filthy Swine Flesh” is a track off Infinito 2017’s latest release “Indigenous Unification Inside The Endless Nothing” which is now available on bandcamp