You gone have to listen to this gem like a radio since it’s only available on one digital platform so far. Yes, Malcolm Quest, one half of Treehouse Arcade, took me back to “Listening 101” with one of two of his latest releases “Wherever You May Go, The Honey Is Sweet”. I’m glad he did though – he “Goapeled” me and brought me closer to his music – it’s really something you need to sit down and vibe to. Two of the tracks I’m feeling is the jazzy yet soulful “Dance Too This” and “With You (Something Like A Ghost)” ft. Southern Cali emcee El Blue (“Azalea Park”).  For some reason the one platform only listening experience made me actually enjoy listening to these two tracks back to back. “Wherever You May Go, The Honey Is Sweet” has  10 tracks (including the Intro and an Interlude) and also features vocals by El Noir, Marie Louise, and Malcolm Quest himself – I hear ya’ on “Dance Too This”! Y’all enjoy!