“I’m mixin’ herbs in this kitchen
Almost 20 years since you listened…”
Sole’, “The Formula”

After almost a 20 year hiatus from the music industry, as she took time out to focus on healing and wellness among other things, Sole’ has returned to the music arena bringing all the goodness that she has embraced during her time away from the industry. Late last year, Sole’ dropped her video for “PRANAYAMA” which is the first single from her forthcoming album “Under The Veil”. In early February, Sole released visuals for the second single from the album “The Formula” which is all about positivity, and features her “Goddess Coalition” and visually highlights her herbabist expertise (during Sole’s hiatus she also became a Clinical Herbalist also). Sole’ has not missed a beat lyrically for this comeback and I absolutely love her female nurturing spirit on the chorus – “Show me what you hate, I can show you how to love/show me what you hate, I can teach you how to love”. Definitely a total vibe that you can’t ignore and want to keep on repeat. Please visit Sole’s website www.iamsole.com to become reacquainted with the healing powers, wellness, and lyricism of Sole. Y’all enjoy!