“Man I got bills
How’s that for a rhyme?
From 6 to 2 I shoot the moon
And hope the stars align,
I need a deal
So I over grind…”
Lights La Soul, “Suns Out”

A few months ago, Pittsburgh’s Lights La Soul released his video for “Suns Out” which is a track from his latest project “DAGO” (Dreaming About Getting Out) which consists of ten tracks that resonate with the project’s title. “Sneak Diss” and “Black Dollar” are two of my favorite track as Lights’s lyricism has this clever and tranquil (and sometimes blunt – “you a whole asshole”) way of making fans think about the little nuances in life, family, relationships, friendships and the struggles to find time to level up as presented in the “Suns Out” visuals. The visuals present a dichotomy that involves a father who spends time with his young son as seen throughout the video and a man who works tirelessly sans the enjoyment of quality time with anyone except his grind. Just watching the two scenarios play out, instantly place listeners into the thick of “Dreaming About Getting Out.” It’s not a fantasy, it’s life, but it can be done. Y’all watch and enjoy the video!

“DAGO” (Dreaming About Getting Out) is available on all digital streaming platforms or your can visit Light’s website for the streaming/purchasing links: ThisIsLights.com