Artist DIVERZE. is still somewhat new to my ears, but the other day, I found myself listening to his latest project “Where The Flowers Grow” while at work last week. He was in good company too because, I only listened to #WTFG and Rapsody’s “Eve” that day. I don’t think enough can be said about those moments when an artist’s music really just gets you through your day, when it’s a replacement for cubicle office chatter, and your personal soundtrack that deadens shit you ain’t tryna’ feel at the moment. “Where The Flowers Grow” does make you feel some shit though with it’s blend of jazz, soul, neo-soul, a slight hint of southern hip hop vibes, spoken word, beautiful vocals (form Sauce The Artist) which are all backed by DIVERZE.’s unfeigned, introspective lyricism about life that doesn’t have to beg listeners to come into his world – the red carpet is/will be mutual.
#WTFG is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Y’all enjoy!