“Ahhh shit” was my initial response upon hearing CHAA’s intro track “Levanter” off her new 4 track EP “Delta ’93”. Gender aside, waaay aside (I’m a how-well-do-you-rock-the-mic-lover, lipstick or not), CHAA is an emcee’s emcee – no sloppy execution here – just ill flows and lyrics. If you like Lauryn, Rapsody, Jean Grae OR NAS, CHAA is also THAT emcee . “Delta 93” is bittersweet, as it is a teaser and a pleaser – we want more CHAA!

About the EP…
“DELTA 93 is guaranteed a noteworthy reception. The EP was entirely produced by ZillaTeck-producer based Canada
STR8BUTTAH, entirely recorded at Zero DB studios in Lusaka, Zambia and entirely curated by Slam Dunk Records Zambia.

About the artist…
Zambian born and raised, CHAA has been making music since she was 16 years old and cites Missy Elliot, Jean Grae, Nitty Scott MC, Erykah Badu, Holstar, Nirvana, and
A Tribe Called Quest as some of her many musical influences. Having worked with musical outfits and labels such as Equalize Music, So’Good Music and of course Slam Dunk Records; CHAA seeks to mature into a well seasoned artist and curator.”


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