“She ain’t trippin no more
Rockin’ Michael Jackson
Bad leather jackets
With the zippers and the buckles
And the fitted jeans to match it…” – GXNE Wallace,

I recently told GXNE Wallace he is the nostalgic, grown and sexy lo-fi King and with his latest track “Saturday Night” one can also add chip tune music to that title too. Whether he is the Black Green Ranger (the nostalgic and nice) or not (“They say GXNE, yous an ill muthafucka/I said ni##a you ain’t bullshittin'”) you have to appreciate his storytelling, slick what-did-he-just-say adult innuendos and bravado that are always creatively interwoven in his lyrics. Over the years, he has created a great catalogue of music and projects that will take you places “Monk’s Too”, “The Black Green Ranger”, “Lisa Bonet”, “Love Jones” and his latest project “Crockett Gets The Testarossa”. In the meantime, vibe out to his current track “Saturday Night Special” and see if them innocent looking Power Rangers on the cover artwork are bullshittin’. Enjoy!