“Feel the pain/Yeah we did it again/Now I’m Ruthless for life/Like I’m MC Wren…”  If you know 60 East you know he ain’t askin’ you to feel the pain of his experiences in life rather that opening line is a wordplay ode to his frequent producer collaborator Phil The Pain. (Truthfully, I still don’t know if I flipped that wordplay correctly in this post – Phil The Pain/ Feel the pain, it could go either way.) Seriously, after releasing part three of album series “The Freeway Series Volume 3: Traffic Jam” as well as some other singles to appease fans, (“Almost Summer”, “Snatch”, “Drive Slow”) 60 East, recently dropped a single produced by Phil The Pain, that features San Diego emcee Kahlee, and his First Dirt crew mate and the only “favorite baby daddy husband” that I know, San Francisco’s own Rymeezee entitled “Bad Reception”. Backed by a sampled loop that is reminiscent of the RnB Golden Age from the 50s and 60s, the four emcees each deliver transparent verses about life with laid back flows (à la their own individualistic styles)  that makes you wonder why the title of the track  is called “Bad Reception” in the first place as the track has a very soothing and inviting appeal. “Bad Reception” is now available on all of your favorite streaming platforms. Enjoy!