“Revolutionary hip hop flow

Light bulb in my head

Over wrist watch glow

But u a know a nigga floss tho

U already know a nigga floss tho…”

It was Week #29 of Jacobi Ryan’s 2019 #52in365 campaign (yes, the campaign is still lit this year with these unreleased blog posts) when he dropped, “Player Hater’s Ball” which was produced by D. Magic Beats. As one can guess, the track is a lyrical dossier on the psychological effects of “they hate to see it”. Being that this is a Jacobi Ryan track, of course “Player Hater’s Ball” doesn’t rest on the laurels of one’s hatin’ ass grandeur instead, his lyrics offer clever retorts or clap backs if you will, that inspire motivation and elevation as a reaction –  “They use they energy to hate u & don’t even know ya/Preparing for the flood it’s what she said to Noah/We just raise the bar up higher we don’t set it lower”. What listeners will enjoy about this track aside from audio clips from Ice-T and Dave Chappelle’s popular Silky Johnson character spewing their hilarious “hate, hate, hate” commentary, is Jacobi’s “revolutionary hip hop flow” which compliments D. Magic Beats’s culmination of horns and drum beats which sound like a good melodic fusion of jazz,  afro beats, and a hint of EDM. I like the sound of the rhythmic build up and climax that D. Magic Beats includes in the beginning of the track (right before Jacobi drops his first verse) and throughout the track – thus, my ears definitely enjoyed the energy of what is an overall dope ass, adrenaline rush. Jacobi also dropped the visuals for “Player Hater’s Ball” which you can watch below. In the visuals we see Jacobi rhyming with perfect cadence, (unbothered by the haters – you’ll see that smile), in the comfort of a studio style living room with the homies watching what else? The Dave Chappelle Show… “…a hater can’t stand seeing somebody having it good.” Right?

“Player Hater’s’ Ball” is available on all of your favorite digital streaming platforms. Y’all enjoy!