“Your actions must speak your words

Your words must speak your mind….” – Ysanne

Ysanne is new to the pages of The Greener Side of Hip Hop and this classical trained vocalist and Hartford, CT native collaborated on her latest single “There I Go” with an artist that is considered family to our pages and also a CT native, the hip hop, rock, soul, funkateer, Klokwize. Klokwize always has some dope genre bending collaborations and “There I Go” is one of them. Ysanne recently dropped the single and visuals for the bluesy, melodic track (complete with some bars from Klokwize) that highlights the missteps we often take when we are confused about running towards love or running away from love (“There I go/Being a man again/Taking your hand again/Having no plan again…”). Listeners will love the pure honesty that the two deliver in their lyrics as well as the passion in their vocals. In the visuals, one of the first signs of a “misstep” happens in the beginning of the video when that cell phone goes unanswered and you hear Klokwize say “Shit, I’ll call her back later.”  In no way is the song a bash fest of the sexes, but it’s true we sometimes spoil love by executing our own bad habits when fighting vulnerability when we need to employ some “BLACKsummers’night” bad habits á la Maxwell. I love the beautiful and edgy vibes that both Ysanne and Klokwize bring to the table  – the intensity from Ysanne vocals blended with Klokwize’s well known gravely singing style that comes off as somewhat apologetic via the lyrics, creates that perfect push/pull, unsure mood especially if “There I Go” resonates with you personally. Alright, y’all you will have to watch the video to see if our man Klok steps up to chuck that vulnerability and them cell phone habits too. Maybe Ysanne became intolerant to Klok’s bad habits and moved on? We’ll see however, Ysanne and Klokwize, I feel a genuine and honest “part two” coming…  Y’all enjoy!