Jacobi Ryan, (formerly Fresh) has kicked off, what is set to be a busy year, early by releasing his four track EP “Regardless” for the first time publicly. This EP is what his fans have been wanting and strategically speaking, it IS time! “Regardless” is just the creative precursor to his agenda for 2019 as Jacobi Ryan will further satisfy fans by releasing singles and more creative content each week (starting next week) throughout the new year. Personally, I can’t wait for this year of Jacobi Ryan’s dopeness, as his gift of rhyming on a higher level with his lyrical content and unique “Lawton drawl” always commands a listener’s attention.

I’ve previewed the tracks and The “Regardless”, EP raises a listener’s vibration and also tugs at one’s life intentions with four amazing feel good tracks! Produced by Wayne J. Valentine a.k.a. [w], the whole EP is akin to doing the two-step to a good ass LP, all night long (and I do mean all night long, cause the challenges of life don’t stop as long as we live it), complete, with red cups raised, and a laser focused mentality, even amid all the hazy ass bullshit in the air… a definition of regardless right?

The EP is now available on all music streaming platform. So, don’t wait – cop it now! But, to get your weekend started early, here is a snippet of Jacobi Ryan’s [w] produced, head nodding and amped-up track “In The Sky” from the “Regardless” EP.  #IssaFriday vibe – y’all enjoy!!

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Photo Credit: Beechum Photography